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Monitor Archive for August 4, 1982

The fall election: a 'wait and see' proposition
Israel may be planning to oust PLO by force, not talk
Zimbabwe: Mugabe clampdown on dissidents deepens split with Nkomo
Dodgers climb back; why Seattle sizzles
Cooking with cherries, sweet and tart
State legislators urge White House to get New Federalism act together
God's presence and our needs
Outdoor activities. . . on land and water; Bicycle Touring in the Western United States, by Karen and Gary Hawkins. New York: Pantheon Books. 389 pp...
Vegetables can bring out the best in an entree
Prayer issue heats up in Alabama
Can you love cats too much?
Numismatists, note: America is no longer penny-less
Kenya clears up after failed coup by Air Force, but deeper scars remain
The choice: PLO goes or Israel strikes again
A favorite summer dish made with eggplant
The Stokowski touch -- and the records that recall it
When fathers manage sons
Northern Irish students visit US: no bombs, hatred -- just friendliness
The sweeter side of sugar quotas
African summit meeting to go on, Qaddafi insists
West gives debt-ridden Poland and Romania some breathing space
Woolf's diary: no dull patches; The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Vol. 4, 1931-1935, edited by Anne Olivier Bell and Andrew McNeillie. New York: Harcourt...
Serve cherry tomatoes with savory stuffing
New enterprise zone plan on way to Congress
Architectural crafts; Handmade details for the home
S. Africa steps up black resettlement to 'homelands'
Outdoor activities. . . on land and water; Be a Winner in Windsurfing, by Charles Coombo. Morrow Junior Books/William Morrow & Co. Inc. $9.00.
Outdoor activities on land. . . and water; Sailing Basics, by Lorna Slocombe. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall Inc. 48 pp. $8.95.
Sour US note on the Horn
Stance check is quicker than telling
Balanced-budget measure survives a Senate rebuff
Peking calls for return of tennis star by US
Hollings: a long shot for '84, but don't forget '76
A sprightliness in the stride of the shoe-repair business
Europe may get US to alter touchy export tax breaks
The black prince
America's homes, like its cars, are growing smaller
Sweet and tart cherries cooked with a French touch
Category (a true story)
Taiwan ponders how to counter Peking peace initiative
Seattle's surprising Mariners
US holding off on rules to alter teen employment
A friend in the underground
Caught in the chaos of west Beirut a single orphanage struggles to aid city's newly orphaned children
State Department post for former Monitor editor
Reagan renews his calls for abortion ban, prayer
Strong dollar = fewer jobs
To rebuild America and help the jobless, too
Turkey says premier to go to Iran, Iraq as mediator
East-West trade: who's dependent on whom?
Universal account a versatile performer, but it isn't for everyone
US lumber firms charge price plot by Japanese
System still works year after air traffic controllers strike
Musical about German flying ace von Richthofen seldom rises far off ground; The Death of von Richthofen as Witnessed From Earth Play with flying and...
Africa finds it's a bumpy road to world role
New British prince christened today
WWII giants -- allies but not friends; Churchill and De Gaulle, by Francois Kersaudy. New York: Atheneum. 476 pp. $ 19.95.

Shedding light on structure
Tax bill passage pinned to big push by Reagan
Living like a sheikh
Chinese crosscurrents
Iranian students in US are disillusioned with Khomeini