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Monitor Archive for August 27, 1982

A student of stocks sees a bull market charge
Lebanon's 'new' Army may make or break efforts to establish stability

Chicago unveils art show diverted from Poland
Latin America suffers an outflow of dollars
Washington wrestles with Palestinian policy, Mexican debt, and European allies
VW, the model for so many look-alikes, seeks an image all its own
Beyond limits
For US firms on Mexican border, the peso plunge means financial disaster
Philadelphia teacher strike is on, but not Chicago's
Sharon: Israeli politician -- and warrior
US firms in China hope thaw will warm up trade
Conscience and conscripts
A minister of free time? Mais oui!

Stopgap repairs on tile roof that's lacking any underlay
God's powerful, healing presence

Brewer shortstop an MVP candidate; Once a teen-age rookie, Robin Yount is now a star
Of interest
How the new tax bill may affect you
Ex-presidents give their dime's worth to Reagan
Be ready for closing costs
Cash for gas trend pleases customers, but not all dealers
Films: zing go the strings of a polymoog
Serious crimes reported leveled off last year
VW will give Rabbit a turbo diesel to boost US sales
Reshaping an East-West policy
Administration split on pipeline sanctions
Poles get Solidarity-day fiat
Rita Moreno looks for a better TV image of Hispanics
A Nobel winner's remedy for trial-and-error economics
Seaside palace will be Arafat's Tunisian home
Honduran diplomatic initiative breaks with US policy
Elegant British rodents prefer food to freedom
Another hectic day for stocks
The 'distress' index: which of America's best-loved cities are worst off?
Britain plans new nuclear power sites
Interest-rate plunge gives savings banks something to smile about

Israel watching evolution of Gemayel's leadership

Reshaping alliances on Capitol Hill
My two-horse boat
Striking a superior balance
France begins shipments to USSR
Capitalism -- of a sort -- in the shadow of the Kremlin
Oval Office environmentalism
Sowing rye in wintertime shows its worth in summer with abundant crops
Westminster's way
Ma Bell cuts the apron strings
Of interest
6 Boston-area police indicted in murder
Of interest

Cities Service agrees to Occidental takeover
Of interest