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Monitor Archive for August 26, 1982

Bird Song
New homes: a few percentage points closer
N.Y. congressman pleads guilty to tax evasion, quits
Appalachian Poverty: Still an uphill battle
What is small, round, flat, and moves 75 feet a day?
Niger, exception to the rule in Sahel, has its barns full
Charlotte Sweet
The image of vigor
Overhaul of AT&T begins as judge dismisses suit
Britain to spur food output with an eye to more exports
'Silver talent centers' match new careers to Japan's elderly
Earth shifts: new star maps needed
A third option for Californians
Mugabe sees Zimbabwe incursion as proof of South African plot
Also, Fassbinder film; 'Officer and Gentleman'; 'Tempest' in a critical teapot, or Is This Any Way to Treat the Bard?
Old-fashioned army film
India's textile industry fighting steady decline
Gubernatorial primary vote in Oklahoma and Alaska
September Sky Chart
A flicker has wings
'There ought to be a constitutional amendment!'
Insulting the Indians
A space so big
Reagan lends California GOP a hand
US rules against Europe on carbon-steel exports
Severance pay and then some
So you want to start a business
A new national park honors birthplace of US feminism
Soviet computer device siezed on return to US
A speeding ticket for America?
Musical comedies from many directions
German bureaucrats
Uncle Sam wants US to go checkless
Women in business; The new entrepreneurs
Argentina turns over finance post -- not new leaf
Israel's bill for war: less than expected
Little Shop of Horrors
Tax scandal hits Australia
Coach John Winkin key to Maine's rise in college baseball
Pentagon budget: still as sacred 2nd time around?
Begin reportedly expects new autonomy talks soon
Healing -- God's promise fulfilled
States to follow suit?
Poverty in the US
American marines meet the PLO
Cable TV offers some choice viewing before the networks' new season
Hold the bat firmly -- and keep your ear on the ball!
Dalai Lama in bargaining game with China
Iraq reports direct hits on oil center in Gulf
Lights at last for the Cubs? No chance, says state law
Official says Walesa may get role in Polish unions
Pro football tidbits
Presidential counselor Ed Meese
No humans need apply
Hurrahs for Henderson?
Rights -- not arms -- in space
Rebuilding Lebanon -- America's opportunity
Assessing effect federal aid had on Appalachia's poor
US readies pipeline penalties
Tucked-away Willowbrook welcomes you to the 1800s
Taiwan's future
The Stoughton uprising
Blimps and sports enjoy a happy marriage; record chase examined
Britain's Thatcher tries to stem tide of unemployed
Think primaries