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Monitor Archive for August 20, 1982

A checklist on the trouble with an ailing water closet
Nicaragua rolls out welcome mat for Western investors
Haydn's opus 50 turns up with Melbourne family
Departing PLO sees Syria as short-term staging ground
An ugly plastic countertop can be successfully painted
Newly outlawed terrorists bomb newspaper in Paris
The Soviet Union -- militarily and diplomatically, the Middle East's odd man out
House completes approval of $178 billion arms bill
Beyond the PLO exit
A window box can be more than beautiful
US businessmen called aggressive; Japan's, loyal
Seychelles forces hunt rebels

Some answers to crowded prisons
Strike backing policemen brings Bombay to a halt
Mexico -- short on money and faced with big debts
'Sweeney Todd' on TV
Soviet arms chief says no to unilateral missile cuts
How to keep old oil wells bubbling
After the tax bill fight - a new political landscape

Whistle-stopping in 1932
California banks opt for longer window hours
Reagan proposes the sale of 60 warplanes to Taiwan
Social legislation push by conservatives runs out of gas
Cities Service cautious on new takeover bid
Jim Wright's views on 'the fight'
Reagan foreign policy: back to Nixon-Ford-Carter mainstream
Football 49ers prospect for another championship after Super '81 season
Has the President finally gotten his bull market?
Getting the time back in joint
NBC's 'Overnight': a hard news show for night owls
The world of August
How the BBC channels its television sales to audiences in the United States
Managers' raises to be lower, not so routine or frequent

Israelis find it difficult to judge whether this war was a 'success'
The cost of US export controls
US holds back on banning weapons in outer space
Making taxes simple -- and fair
True facts and freedom
US-trained commandos hit Salvadoran guerrillas
'Dense pack' reportedly pushed by US for missiles
Fitting China's alphabet into 24 computer keys
How to keep Wall Street rising -- some experts' views
Vietnam's Thach dangles hope of Kampuchea dialogue
EC says members lost 9 million jobs since '70
US churches defy law -- form network to harbor Salvadoran refugees
Help for historic districts