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Monitor Archive for August 2, 1982

High rents point to a topping out in real estate market
Will John Brown turbines pump gas from Siberia, or rust under US ban?
High Treasury borrowing may slow recovery
A contest winner
'If we live by our ideals'
Breadbasket's ballot battles
Gandhi draws parallels: El Salvador, Afghanistan
'Salami tactics' continue
Kenya's simmering unrest boils over in unsuccessful Air Force coup
Don't sell uranium plants
Volts from sunbeams: US industry may lag in shadow of Japan
Two Doves
Irish children spend a peaceful summer in US
Send for 'em -- they're free; Free Things for Teachers, by Susan Osborn. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons. $4.95.
The Picture
Israel strategy: to take Beirut slice by slice?
This engineering college embraces the humanities
Armageddon: a daily duty
Pro sports teams working at difficult task of controlling drug abuse
La Mama: a lively Off Off Broadway theater for the world
Presidential Impressions
India's Russian lesson
Fantasy islands: Will crowds and hotels spoil the charm?
The trouble with some trees
Guatemalan editor released after 148 days
Steelworkers nix new proposal
Washington Post loses libel suit
Heat's on Egypt to find a way out for the PLO
Voters board bondwagon
Some students renew commitment to spiritual values
Panama's President quits; government topples, too
Welfare recipients help 'City by the Bay' gleam

Decaffeinating America
Some Canadians would pay Trudeau to quit
US farmers aren't smiling at Soviet grain extension
US said to have new type of neutron weapon
How big will deficit be? Depends on the economic forecast you pick
American woman declared 'captured' in El Salvador
Soviets offer to cut long-range missile forces
China and the US: another argument over Taiwan

Toying with the Apocalypse
Satellite TV comes to India, but will it play in Amedabad?
Assuming the best about teen-agers brings positive results
Equal rights: all talk?
S. African ruling party agrees to change course, slightly
Taking a second look at a predominantly black college
The Chameleon
Let's avert steel wars
A lot in a little, but withal, transparent
The case of the vanishing telegram
AFL-CIO could sway the presidential primaries in '84
PLO digs in heels under Israeli attack
In India, alternative energy means a scramble for forest substitutes
Another look at the art of yesterday's reputation
Time of day, time of life