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Monitor Archive for August 19, 1982

Abundance is a problem, but it may be the best kind to have
House OKs spending cut in initial budget victory
More supervision for House pages
Chrysler leading the US pack with a sporty, luxurious convertible
Surprise success of Red Sox credited to Houk's managing
It's just one gym for US senators
'The most dangerous woman in Britain'
As prisons burst at seams, states seek alternatives to imprisonment
'Johnny Got His Gun' transcends its grim theme
Atlantic City's casinos revive mob activity in nearby Philadelphia
BBC television aims its antennas at US
Smithsonian exhibit looks at man's past 25 years in space
Bumper crops -- and bankruptcies
Seychelles reports mutiny among soldiers put down
Sweeteners added to offers for overseas jobs
Monthly incomes increase is highest in 11 months
Shooting of two soldiers on Soviet border angers Turks
Island inhabitants
Japanese print exhibition
Don't rush to develop wilderness areas
Yes, there is a hole in the universe
Fonda's simple dignity
Offshore oil exploration battle: testing Watt's power
The prodigal's brother
Phosphorous bombs have become the napalm of the war in Lebanon
Handshakes flame NFL's labor-management fire; Olympic amateurism
How Senate-passed immigration bill would affect alien hiring
US-Sino links hinge on global issues, not Taiwan
Sky-watcher Schaefer
300 leave Khmer Rouge and defect to Thailand
The great tax bill fight
Getting a clearer look
Young firm's 'fail safe' computer finds its way to European market
Uncommon Courtesy; Stewart Brand launches a school to teach 'compassionate skills'
Second City; Homegrown humor throws Chicago for a loop
Mr. Reagan and China
China and the Great American Novel
When corporations don't pay taxes
Touching other bases
Transit strike challenges new Argentine leader
'Dressage': a subtle, precise ballet for horse and rider
Betty Friedan seeks to improve work and the workplace
Grandson of former slave on House ballot in Dixie
Ford rates current crop of Democratic contenders for '84
Amendment for balanced budgets is mired in House
Roving robot clanks off to the clink
Japanese premier survives test over electoral reform
Orchestral sounds -- from 55 glasses of water
Ahoy, what harm, indeed?
Monthly Movie Guide
Glasgow development campaign spurred by two major contracts
Alliance sales will test marriage of AMC and Renault
Memorial cross poses test of political wills in Poland
Slump-resistant California expects continued gains
Pros and the Olympics
Market binge fueled by bearish outlook on economic growth
Congressmen go to court to block tax-increase bill
Franklin is acquitted in Jordan shooting
Afghan Communist Party reported torn by factions
Nicaraguan youth take over schools in latest sign of polarization
The memory flickers
The Next 'expert' you consult could be electronic
Labor watches meat plant strike
Lebanese preparing for evacuation, elections
Will Egypt alter course?