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Monitor Archive for August 18, 1982

Senate OKs bill to set limit on immigration
How diamond miners manipulate market to profit in slump
Saudis walk difficult Mideast tightrope
Supply-siders watch theory fall from favor
Baseball cards: a 'home-run' business for N.Y. couple
Irish minister resigns over his tie to murder suspect
Rabbi's book is a best-seller; When Bad Things Happen to Good People, by Harold S. Kushner. New York: Schoken Books. 149 pp. $10.95.
Reagan changes coalitions in midstream; pleases Wall Street
Israel relaxing grip on Beirut, a lighter mood prevails
Cultural clash on vanishing frontier; Maps & Dreams, by Hugh Brody. New York: Pantheon Books. 298 pp. $16.50.
Sublime scoops for sophisticated palates
Virginian is convicted for refusing draft sign-up
Invitation to trust
US inquiry on slave labor for Soviet pipeline sought
Roundup: spine-tingling whodunits; Death by Sheer Torture, by Robert Barnard. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 186 pp. $10.95. The Thomas Street H...
Peaches and berries with a crunchy topping
Light across a dark meadow
Justice Department drops congressional sex probe
France and Israel press effort to ease tension
Reagan the realist
India's atom plan hits critical stage
Also of note in the Midwest
Solidarnosc; Solidarity is allowed some hoopla
Poor plan for handicapped pupils
New leader sets course for Dominican Republic
Arab League may invite Egypt to summit meeting
Restoring paintings with care
How to compete with the Japanese
Congress readies new guidelines for US extradition laws
Vilas looking to regain tennis spotlight with big year
Drive the hands at the ball
US may have new policy on Namibia settlement
Revised tax-cut aim: consumer spending
The rugged cost of tolerating rutted roads
Impact from Reagan's decision to choose Peking over Taipei
Buying shares in real estate is again feasible for the small investor
Fresh green beans are best when cooked crisply, seasoned lightly
Saturday Review magazine to fold after decade of financial troubles
Putting Stravinsky in perspective
Can long arm of US law reach overseas? Tests arise on many fronts
Rehnquist and other 'recusants'
Ralph Houk high on Twins' talent
Midwest officials float 'not-for-sale' sign on Great Lakes
The Irish-American myth about Ireland
Expo cliques; Oriole 'left fielder'
A Shakespearean 'Dream' that enchants and charms Central Park; A Midsummer Night's Dream Comedy by William Shakespeare. Directed by James Lapine. Ch...
IRS stops family 'loans' for college
Grumbling in Army ranks sparks armed revolt in the Seychelles
Murphy still in MVP picture; major league news, views
Occidental withdraws bid rejected by Cities Service
Stockman: tax hikes 'price we have to pay'; Blames Congress for failing to cut spending
Choosing original artwork to hang in your home
Czechoslovakia: Is it going the way of Poland, Romania?
Books for the summertime cook
Big hitters come around for Cards
Granola treats for a snack