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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1982

An honest attempt at balance; ABC Closeup's portrait of the UN: charges and praise
Klondike Lost: A Decade of Photograhs by Kinsey and Kinsey, by Norm Bolotin. Anchorage: Alaska Northwest Publishing Company (Box 4-EEE, 99509). 128...
Poet Ortiz, defender of history's victims
Teaming up to ease building codes; US-local effort to spur new housing
Anthology of favorites; The Pushcart Prize VII: Best of the Small Presses, edited by Bill Henderson. Wainscott, N.Y.: The Pushcart Press (PO Box 380...
South African minister: Why does church back apartheid?
Japanese realtors try sales gimmicks to sell properties
Extra-special delivery
Informative nonfiction for summer reading; Rustic essays that don't wilt; In Praise of Practical Fertilizer, by John Baskin. New York: W.W. Norton &...
Women of the West, by Cathy Luchetti with Carol Olwell. St. George, Utah: Antelope Island Press (PO Box 220, 84770). 240 pp. $25.
Counterpoint to Whitman's songs; Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song, edited by Jim Perlman, Ed Folsom, and Dan Campion. Minneapolis: Holy Cow! Pr...

Two imports tie in this year's search for the 'ideal' automobile
Southpaws pause for celebration
Good advice for would-be novelists; Guide to Fiction Writing, by Phyllis A. Whitney. Boston: The Writer (8 Arlington Street, 02116). 133 pp. $12.95.

In Poland courtesy -- and confidence -- are in short supply
Poland -- lint in its pockets and a debt coming due
Giants in the march toward equality; Roy Wilkins's undeviating journey; Standing Fast: The Autobiography of Roy Wilkins, with Tom Mathews. New York:...
Night Witches: The Untold Story of Soviet Women in Combat, by Bruce Myles. Novato, Calif.: Presidio Press (31 Pamaron Way, 94947). 278 pp. $14.95.
No drilling in wilds, House says
Iraq joins Arab nations offering refuge for PLO

Conservatives, too, like clean air
Informative nonfiction for summer reading; Slavery's toll -- on the masters; The Ruling Race: A History of American Slaveholders, by James Oakes. Ne...
Peacemaking encouraged
Stimulating look across a dotted line; Divisions on a Ground: Essays on Canadian Culture, by Northrop Frye. Toronto: House of Anasi Press Ltd. (dist...
After long wait, abortion issue faces showdown in Congress
A million pounds of freight floating forth above earth

N-bomb tests: it's easier to verify a total ban
Attacks against Jews in France spark intense debate
Poetry that obscurity hasn't obscured; The Last Lunar Baedeker, by Mina Loy. Highland, N.C.: The Jargon Society (distributed by Inland Book Company,...

The Child Snatchers, by Bobbi Lawrence and Olivia Taylor-Young. Charlestown, Mass.: Charles River Books (One Thompson Square, 02129). 262 pp. $12.95.
The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906, by Eric Saul and Don Denevi. Millbrae, Calif: Celestial Arts (231 Adrian Road, 94030). 168 pp. $2...
The tide of 'illegals' -- a firsthand record
The substance of our worth
Bar unit reverses stand against private club bias
Kickoff game proposed
The urge to merge
Flap over broadcast radiation stirs local action
Portuguese replacing Marxist Constitution

House, Senate to iron out military construction bill
Giants in the march toward equality; King's gifts for eloquence and nonviolence; Let the Trumpet Sound: The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr., by Step...
Perfect end for a worthy series; The Killing Ground, by Mary Lee Settle. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc. 364 pp. $14.95.
Pro basketball comebacks in offing; ump's toughest calls
One that (thankfully) got away
Hard-hitting inner-city saga; Forsaking All Others, by Jimmy Breslin. New York: Simon & Schuster. 431 pp. $16. 95.
Lift linoleum before putting hardware on kitchen floor
Italy's Craxi: a man in a hurry -- and with a Socialist mission
Blocking aid to Beirut
Informative nonfiction for summer reading; Inside the nuclear family; Nuclear Culture: Living and Working in the World's Largest Atomic Complex, by...
Henry Fonda, film stat
Baseball's toughest calls
Extra pennies for your pennies

New bill: sealing a porous border
EC says US pipeline ban afoul of international law
At last -- haggling over peace
Israeli goods find ready markets in war-torn Lebanon
Aetna seeks financial flexibility through acquisitions
Applause -- and high time -- for US printmakers

Innovation on a shoestring is the rule for little mags
The burden of executions
US calls for destroying chemical arms stockpiles
What makes American farms work; Feeding Multitudes -- A History of How Farmers Made America Rich, by Wheeler McMillen. Danville, Ill.: The Interstat...
Businesses aren't fighting to pick up tax-increase tab
Golf and business mix
Close-up on a labor of love
Japan to reconsider textbook whitewash
Recent anti-Semitic attacks in Europe
Detroit seeking rust warranties
Impatient US moves to save Habib's mission
Thousand Pieces of Gold, by Ruthanne Lum McCunn. San Francisco: Design Enterprises of San Francisco (PO Box 14695, 94114). 308 pp. $5.95 (paperback).
A slyly poignant show
Utilities increase efforts to catch power rustlers
Weathering a 'depression'
Trident A-sub runs gantlet to reach West Coast base
Old varieties of plants are valid options
Fine Woodworking Techniques 4, selected by editors of Fine Woodworking magazine. Newtown, Conn.: The Taunton Press (55 Churchhill Rd., Box 355, 0647...
How Israeli bureacracy held up Red Cross supplies for west Beirut