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Monitor Archive for July 6, 1982

S. Korea buries differences to trade with China
Arabs turn to diplomacy in Lebanon
Boeing bucks commercial-jet tailspin
The Many Masks of Modern Art

Miguel de la Madrid wins Mexican election
A contrast
S. African black miners riot; whites may strike
Women of the cloth
Labor bucks give-back trend in GE settlement
Al Haig will be back
How volunteers and computers and students merge
An unpredictable Supreme Court term
San Francisco's beloved cable cars--well on their way to being saved
Protecting our home
Shuttle set to go commercial
A water crisis, too?
Israel switches from lightning attack to slow siege
A career in the Protestant church
Arab delegation visits Moscow
Changes in the synagogue
'Networking' toward peace
Commodities at the bank: an initial OK, and criticism
An unpredictable Supreme Court term
Spain-US thrash out new pact

For new Greek Cabinet, economy is first priority
Helmut Schmidt's coalition survives, but for how long?
Space for the future
Commuting stalls after 2nd British rail strike
European allies try to avert battle with US over trade
Royal Ballet's salute to Stravinsky, musical revolutionary of the dance world
Dominican Republic's Guzman passes on
In California, Prop 13 legacy means no icing on cake . . .
US, West Europe coming unhinged over START
The court's newest justice quickly makes her mark
Jobless rate steady in June at 9.5 percent
Not forgetting Afghanistan

Orbiting factories: what lies ahead for NASA, industry
Secrecy on commissions cost Boeing $450,000
US abandons UN projects that could aid East bloc

At Wimbledon two ex-champs are recrowned
Classical music mixes with the crickets on St. John
A 'permanent presence' in space
Some American Jewish leaders voice anguish over Lebanon
South Africa's Swaziland scheme
Plea for fathers' rights: divorced but still a dad
In California, Prop 13 leagcy means no icing on cake in Massachusetts, very little cake