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Monitor Archive for July 30, 1982

Birla: India will be No. 1 in Asia
The anguish of Lebanese-Americans
Barking officer gets his man
The 1982 election: 'patience' vs. the 'Reagan recession'
When a couple of dozen Rolls-Royces purr up to a club meeting
Unions: plan to relax child labor laws may undercut minimum wage
Oakland's champion base stealer's secret: he's just faster than others
Public access to cable
US, India agree to end row over A-fuel supply
How about a pinch o' parsley salt?
Ford counting on a bold leap in automotive design
How much money will US get by arm-twisting?

A leading Democrat on Republicans and the'land ethic'

Reagan's world: why China cools, Gandhi smiles, Europe glowers
Britons plug in Bombay computers
Repaying student loans

Inflation vs. recession: ticklish postwar effort may be paying off
They're putting apartment leases in p-l-a-i-n language
Harsh financial notes at the symphony
Also of note in the Rocky Mountain states
The sometimes cruel world of Kabuki -- and your right to use cable TV
Perils of the golfer: wrists are too flexible

Hardy biography from newly discovered materials; Thomas Hardy: A Biography, by Michael Millgate. New York: Random House. 637 pp. $25.
Vatican refuses notices on possible bank action
Fragile experiment in free enterprise
Farming co-ops poised to come of age in the '80s
Many Taiwanese prefer the 'authoritarian' China to the 'totalitarian' one
Changing our view
Polaroid introduces an SLR
Compound 1080 -- the best way to control coyotes?
S. Africa getting cold feet on Namibia freedom?
Tata: business, the public, and conscience
When military arms are close to home
China's open door
Portrait of pleasures, out of chaos
US vs. Japan firms: prosecution or persecution?
Second Person Rural: More Essays of a Sometime Farmer, by Noel Perrin. New York: Penguin Books. 152 pp.$4.95.
The touch of the heart
A plea to UN on Ulster terror
Mrs. Gandhi's US visit: broadening her options
India at a glance
And now the BBA
A colonel's conscience
The Soul of a New Machine, by Tracy Kidder. New York: Avon Books. 293 pp.

Also of note in the Rocky Mountain states
PLO move to Egypt? Idea tantalizes Mideast watchers
MacNeil reports . . . on own career; The Right Place at the Right Time, by Robert MacNeil. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 333 pp. $13.95.
US, India mend diplomatic fences; Mrs. Gandhi seeks to change pro-Soviet image
A Lebanon peace plan with concessions for all
Africa's off-on-off summit looks on again with rebel compromise
Abrahams' corn technique confirmed . . . removing leaves from tomato vines . . .
Venture capital running strong for fledgling businesses
Denver's Elitch Gardens -- a family affair from the start, 91 years ago
Israeli colonel dismissed
Gandhi talks of free enterprise, India's hopes, politics
Britain adopts new, unorthodox industrial profile
The Rockefellers and Du Ponts in giant industries

Reliance on US may ease, Salvadoran President says
Bankers and funds fire away at plan to withhold dividends

Seychelles coup leader sentenced for air piracy
The economy's black underside
Indian myths; Spirits, Heroes & Hunters From North American Indian Mythology, by Marion Wood. Illustrated by John Sibbick. New York: Schocken Books....
The Oak and the Calf: Sketches of Literary Life in the Soviet Union, by Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn. Translated from the Russian by Harry Willetts. Ne...
House OKs start-up funds for big civil defense plan
Also of note in California
Business tradition was set when the British pulled out
Industry fosters 'Two is Enough' in family planning
Historical markers across US give travelers a glimpse of America's past
Years of suspicion over Western investment yield to a new welcome
Bustle on the stock exchanges alters financing of businesses
Public sector is on defensive, but almost sure to grow
The cuckoo and the harvest
Low tide
Of arms and patience
India's energy posture looks good -- on first glance
Colorado's quality of life fades in a changing West