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Monitor Archive for July 27, 1982

Yugoslavia keeps lid on Kosovo but sweetens its economic pie
Arafat's message--fishing for a nibble from the US
Roving ark urges public to save endangered animals
White House calls Habib fit, despite Bechtel tie
US develops a taste for caffeine-free colas
Israel skeptical about PLO policy shift
Common people left out of India's Green Revolution
'Over-60s' boom reshapes world of 2025
Where can we put the Palestinians?
Mugabe expected to clamp down after sabotage and kidnapping
Donovan and Dickens
The many masks of modern art
Holding a magnifying glass to Philadelphia's social fabric
What does your barometer say?
Under John Williams's baton, the Boston Pops recordings excel
Israel pressuring West Bank Arabs
The Matterhorn: no casual hiker's goal, but worth a close look
Arabs to US: extend a hand to Palestinians

Japan, angered by world whaling ban, gets ready to defy it
Testing Reagan on El Salvador
Kremlin says its subs match US in missiles
Executives take post-grad courses by long-distance computer link
The return of Chessie and friends
New homes for Haitians in sight, Miamians say

Donovan urges new clout to enforce pension laws
American blacks can craft a new order, parley says
White House maxim: proof is in the polling
Gandhi stresses India is nonaligned--not a Soviet ally
TV gleans lessons from flap over CBS documentary
US plan to give weapons to Somalia draws protest
US lands huge Spanish jet contract
GIs in West Germany: 'unloved and far from home'
America's 551 million-gallon thirst for a simple drink--bottled water
Israel identifies officer who invoked conscience
Mobil Oil, ABC, New York Times in new tiff
In arms control, US is coming of age--Reagan
Changes to construction wage law barred by court
Olympic hopefuls display wares, seek recognition at National Sports Festival
Westinghouse agreement averts strike on pensions
Women lose ballot battle in republic of San Marino
Reagan asks study of ban on Europe pipeline sales
2,500 Britishers mark end of Falklands conflict
Voyage by Schooner

Reagan's campaign for democracy--and the German example
Who should be liable for a faulty product?
Give and take
Arafat's ambiguities
Interest rate drop brings glint of hope to borrowers
Watt's line
Swift Marriott expansion swims against recession tide
Summer Gardens
Utah plays political chess over possible site for nuclear waste storage
Freedom of press in S. Korea: sometimes