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Monitor Archive for July 23, 1982

The Juilliard School

Patching it up with the allies
Travel industry finding it hard to escape economic slump
Perennial humor for the gardener

The West's hidden summit at Bohemian Grove
Changing Resolution 242 - hardly as simple as it sounds
Fast called off by Russian wanting to join wife in US
US Senate races won't be a referendum on Reaganomics
China's Yangtze

South Africa's winter of reform
One billion offshore acres for oil exploration - with a few legal caveats
'Smart' weapons: NATO's equalizer?
Late-blooming Expos lag again
The 'New Republican' South
High Vatican bank official to be tried in Italian court
IRA's bombs bring world attention back to Northern Ireland
Manila hunting attacker of high Cabinet minister
Beirut struck; Habib shuttling
Polish Cabinet shuffle - putting reform back on track?
Pershing 2 missile test ends in midair explosion
States hike drinking age in effort to make roads safer
Network news notes
Why mayors rap New Federalism
Why Paul Newman is on all those Tokyo billboards
Jurists back freeing of Argentine
Senate panel will probe FBI role in Donovan case

America's bridge is falling down
A cut above (or, Being in the chips)
Slumping economy has drained housing market of condomania
Ah, the all-but funny days
The 'Crisis to Crisis' series - an 'op-ed page' for PBS
How women dressed in the 18th century
Palestinian civilians: refugees in Lebanon . . . again

Frivolity in design; Walking The Border Between Absurd and Inconsequential
Bringing hi-tech teaching to rural areas - a new role for libraries
Water roses now . . . refresh those strawberries . . . vivid bougainvillea . . . more beans from the bush
'Skeet' antitank device takes aim at armor
Consulting firm launched in college helps companies cut energy costs
France defies US embargo on Soviet pipeline
Ask the Gardeners
Does new insulation in attic require adding roof vents?

Job hunters use sophisticated new ways to get attention
Peking may be easing S. Korean travel curb
Slowing the course of fire in a wood-shake roof
Withdrawal symptoms
Study says no uranium melted in '79 A-mishap