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Monitor Archive for July 21, 1982

A way to end the engineer shortage
Arabs press US to accept concept of Palestine homeland
The new battleground for women's rights
Whaling authority pushes a touchy ban on hunting
Fed's '83 vision: hold inflation, lift economy
Flat taxery
Bombs, spies, lack of jobs jolt post-Falklands Britain
Period fiction is no gauge of history
Hearst Castle: San Simeon, by Thomas R. Aidala, photographs by Curtis Bruce. New York: Hudson Hills Press. 240 pp. $40.

Bamberger boosts Brewers
A theory on NL All-Star supremacy

Florida to weed out home-grown marijuana with controversial spray
National day could signal easing of Poland's martial law
PLO says it will help find kidnapped US educator
Reagan asks renegotiation of two test-ban treaties

Former US agent indicted in Libyan explosives case
Gemayel eyes Lebanon presidency
Vietnam withdraws from Thai-Kampuchea border
Lebanese put factions ahead of nation
Yankee troubles; an All-Star theory
Banning nuclear tests
High-tech copycats: they take it apart or steal it
Mickey Mouse gets some classy neighbors

New directions in curio cabinets
Multiple paychecks, high-flying cat
Mitsubishi to fight IBM theft charges

Group Portrait: A Biographical Study of Writers in Community, by Nicholas Delbanco. New York: William Morrow & Co. 224 pp. $11.50.

If we must have competitions, here's one that works
Brezhnev wants UN force, no US troops, in Lebanon
Gallery of American types through 'performance art'; Men Inside; Voices of America. Solo performance pieces by Eric Bogosian.
Europe and US head toward showdown on trade issues
THE TROMBE WALL; A Good Idea Wherever It Travels
The Anglicization of me
Korean-American opera: using deception to fight despair
Best of the current period novel; Covenant of Grace, by Jane Gilmore Rushing. New York: Doubleday & Co. 392 pp. The Sea Beggars, by Cecelia Holland....
AFL-CIO: jobless aid running out
US to ignore court order on aliens working illegally
Black unions gain clout in S. Africa

The false alarm about plutonium
Retirees, too, may get tax break help now under quarterly filing
Risk-forecasting service rates countries
Stealing computer secrets -- it's nothing new
The great escape
Every shot should be followed by fast footwork
Political season opens in Turkey -- but without the politicians
IRA training camp, arms found near Ulster border
Tax break on a home sale
Junta names Army chief to be Bolivian President
Even without the magazine, Esquire is a savvy business

August Skychart
Stop political tests for US scientists
US information agency urged to soften its tone
Congressman drops drive for telecommunication bill
Where have the 10-speeds gone? Bike fad fades
Saving dwindling schools -- and rural towns' pride