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Monitor Archive for July 20, 1982

Japan plans arms buildup to meet limited threats
African summit will test Qaddafi
Too late to reindustrialize
Insuring works of art requires care on theft terms and premiums
Honesty, taste -- Madison Ave. takes a look at itself
Shore scout
'Split living': families share elegant homes
Nuclear retaliation strategy is wicked
Arms folly
Hunters and rescuers vie in Everglades deer crisis
Ancient calculator is a hit with Japan's newest generation
Cut in prime interest rate follows recent Fed activity
Northwest tussles with faltering economy
Mike Schmidt due for recognition at last as baseball's top player
Members of the media predict life style story trends of the 1980s
Simplify life at summer rentals
Cocaine use swells; Congress, NFL probes begin
Reacting to cutbacks in Britain and America
The many masks of modern art
Traffic-reporting firm born in a snowstorm
US women gaining in political clout
China thaws out its relations with the Soviets . . . slightly
How the World Bank shops around for its billions
One day, or one trial-- and no exemptions
Draft registration: an idea whose time never was
Cluster bomb: what it is and how it works
Iraqi stiffens stand against Iran
Nuclear folly
British trade union rift over rail strike boosts 'Iron Lady'
Behind the cluster bomb controversy
West Beirut: a Palestinian ghetto-- with Israeli fruit
Chile's economy goes into tailspin
To go home
Buckingham intruder won't be prosecuted
Kilts, bagpipes surface in Scotland during the Games
A wise approach to yard sales
US puts finger in drug dike, but new leaks spring out
The Biltmore Estate: an American palace

Release from stress
A tale of two Stratfords -- and their struggles; American Shakespeare Festival opener is a success, but only partial; Henry IV, Part 1; Play by Will...
Reagan signs bill to fund agencies until fiscal '83
Chad rivals chat: is peace possible?
A tale of two Stratfords -- and their struggles; At Canada's festival, the Bard and G&S miss standards expected there
New team will help Shultz at the State Department
Balanced budget hoopla puts heat on Congress
Sound familiar? Japanese want bureaucrats off their backs
House coalition to oppose Reagan nerve-gas plan
Budget amendment: substance or sideshow?