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Monitor Archive for July 16, 1982

Egypt opens diplomatic offensive
Bolivian military promises 1983 election, democracy
Van lines rush to diversify as once mobile Americans stay put
The believable BBC
Japan edges closer to building the first 'thinking' computer

PLO: no place to go and no desire to leave
China playing catch-up in tennis
Regular maintenance yields 300,000-mile payoff
Poles say they're slowly relaxing on martial law
Suddenly everything is 'on sale' as Canada struggles to keep economy afloat
South Africa to host soccer stars paid to cross racial boycott line
Fine handling in a sporty French car
Best pest control: a gardener's hands
The invaders

Call me a Checker
Historic Mideast crosscurrents
A bookstore at home along Arizona desert
China's new face
US industrial output down sharply in June
After a class reunion
US elder statesman sounds alarm over stormy drift in US-Europe relations
Welcome the challenge
Somalia says Cuban pilot is captured attacking town
How about adopting a village?
Wisconsin town buys track to save rail service
Starting from scratch
US officials won't appeal release of 1,800 Haitians
Primer on creative financing

Factory-built houses looking a lot more like homes
Lessons from the animals
Nicaragua reports border attack
A gadfly for the people in the video revolution

A little spot gluing and nailing may silence subfloor squeak

US public: Reagan yes, continued arms buildup no

Britain hopes to attract investors by polishing its tarnished world image
Iranian human waves, Iraqi bombs--Gulf war heats up
Reagan administration plays down PLO offer to recognize Israel

Social security as political football
Does the PLO recognize Israel?
Crowded beaches - are user fees, visitor limits needed?
What individuals can do
Why Detroit's Young sees no 'long hot summer' for US cities