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Monitor Archive for July 15, 1982

Champion of chicken: Frank Perdue lays it on the line
Saudi Arabia's Muslim faithful celebrate Ramadan
A view of the world
Auto union to General Dynamics, Chrysler: no more wage concessions
A reporter reflects on Britain after the Falklands
A hard-scrabble struggle to get by; Western lumberman weathers tough times
Football strike looms
US eyes World Cup soccer; pro football's troubled waters
Walt Disney's 'Tron,' the ultimate computer movie
Action at last on dangerous dumps
Let up in Europe, build up in Asia, US is advised
Woman golfers tee it up
Sperry spawns new entry in big-computer race
Casinos in South Africa's homelands: Boon or bust?
Grocery shoppers cut corners
Resurgent Iran worries Arabs more than Lebanon war
France warms up to Nicaragua--as US fumes
Steam builds in Britain over national rail strike
How to find a suitable grip
Scandinavia reestablishes relations with the Vatican
Worth employing
Timeless Cairo
Astros fall to earth as pitching falters
Love on the hoof
'Drop those headphones!' Lawmakers take a look at the Walkman
Tobacco-price law needs review clause: Eagleton
National Endowment figures on growth of the arts
State and federal prisons reach record inmate level
S. Africa blunts potential use of oil weapon against race policy
Free enterprise is alive and profiting in Hungary
Bones of contention
Iran's counterinvasion of Iraq may dry up international oil glut
Mitterand pledges to add to French nuclear arsenal
I lift up my eyes to you
Women protesting nuclear weapons in USSR march to Kremlin's tune
French vacations; Parisians abandon their annual exodus for the comforts of home
Chicken salad for a warm summer night
French perfumes: back to the source
PURPA power
Cubans in Angola overshadow gains in Namibia talks
Rubber stored in US as a market steadier
Lebanese officials, closing ranks, demand full pullout
Spain's new center leader out to reunite his party
Shultz and the Mideast
Poem to be sent to sea in a bottle
Schultz would recommend new planes for Taiwan
Trudeau fights against calls to quit
Largest Palestinian camp now 'a wasteland of rubble'
How perfume is made
US calls for an end to Iran-Iraq fighting
Congress looks at ways to limit lab tests on animals
A secret place
Screen fantasies
Potato shells stuffed with chicken wins cooking contest
3 new Soviet SS-20 bases could be finished by fall
Rebels attack Somalia: Ethiopia, Cuba involved?
Strawberry bread
Thatcher faces Tory turbulence
Is US policy promoting a 'Saudi Qaddafi'?
Blue-jean craze eases, but sales outlook still good
Banks reporting in with growing load of problem loans
Congressional pages: teens on their own in a big city
Summer soups full of flavor, texture, and ingenuity
Shultz and the world's trouble spots
Morocco maneuvers to keep Saharan rebels out of African limelight
Italy's bouquet to Boston
Begin may have buttress for parliamentary coalition
Body in El Salvador not that of US writer