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Monitor Archive for July 12, 1982

New hope for Kampuchea
When the N.Y. School was tops
Grab your goggles, 3-D films have hit TV
Apocalyptic talk
Salvadoran rights panel cites high death toll
Democrats: an echo not a choice
Pitching consistency a key for White Sox
Hmong: Laotian hill people who now call St. Paul home
NAACP, Legal Defense Fund battle over initials
The pang of plant closings: hunting ways to relieve it
Protesting Belgian workers throw wrench into Tour de France race
Italy emerges victor in World Cup soccer
Massachusetts restricts 'Las Vegas nights'
Israeli grip tightens on the West Bank
America's 'unrealistic' START terms
Iran's need for cash: a minus for OPEC, plus for West
Peking launches attack on US conservatives
Vietnamese forces attack Kampuchean rebel base
El Salvador; A different image of a troubled nation
Reagan's New Federalism gets lawmakers' warning
Soviet hunger strikers denied exit
The Saudi succession
Solidarity calls for protest halt in bid for papal visit
Testing your knowlege of outer-space travel
Wrong signal on marijuana
Clutter vs. abundance
POWs in politics -- from war trails to campaign trails
That PhD: can it find a home outside of academia?
Toulouse-Lautrec and Jane Avril a tale of 1890s Paris; Jane Avril. Play by Jane Marla Robbins. Starring Kevin O'Connor, Miss Robbins, Richard Counci...
Decline of Ed Meese? There's nothing to it, say White House insiders
Palestinians return 'home' to smashed refugee camps
Safety board inspects crashed jet's recorders
The accomplices
On a summer night
S. Africa keeps maize exports secret, but feeds biggest critics
Strawbery Banke, a museum where children are the guides and guests
Diplomacy deadlocked as Lebanon is redrawn
Budding sculpture
Foreigners in Korea blame business climate as their profits sag
About our page for children
As banks take a battering, so do their stocks
Senator says US-Israel relations at lowest ebb
UN disarmament session ends in disagreement
School achievements are not the final score
After their Falklands victory, Britons debate - in church and in print -- the morality of war
Cleared Donovan eager to get down to business at Labor
Concern about shortage of math and science teachers
Outdoor activities for a rainy day
The Shultz style: low key, but likely to be effective
Reagan and the pipeline
Jazz hits town - all over the US
The Owl
Ageless life
Argentine human rights leader detained?
How I Got Chosen