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Monitor Archive for July 1, 1982

Columbia's military cargo
Another Lebanon dilemma: who wants the guerrillas?
'Live, from high atop the Columbia, it's the Mattingly-Hartsfield Show'
As US economy revs, all eyes on the Fed
As U.S. economy revs, all eyes on the Fed and on 10% tax cut which begins today
Pink and tangy fresh rhubarb is in season
Watts: beneath surface tranquillity, chronic problems beg for solutions
New Argentine Cabinet has lone military man
Saudi diplomats behind the scenes: anxious for peace, not oil embargo
School desegregation: one damper, one prod
French economy: uphill fight against inflation
Learning to swing with clubhead lag
Coaching candor
Billie Jean King makes a smashing comeback
Grilled salmon to celebrate the Fourth
The power struggle in Iran
Something goes 'twang' at Wimbledon
Feiffer's latest play: another dour one, yet sometimes vivid. A Think Piece. Play by Jules Feiffer. Directed by Caymichael Patten
Budget compromise sought by Schmidt
Democracy by example
Boeing pleads guilty in false sales reporting
Six journalists freed by Salvadoran rebels
Thomas Jefferson
3-way agenda for NAACP action
Conservatives and radicals
US 'get tough' policy on aliens draws fire
Wanted: a dissenting running mate
Blueberries for breads
Reagan is said to favor new extra-spending bill
Hoosier high-tech
Steeler dream team; what's ahead for Borg; Lopez and golf hall
A book to help you see the forest in D.C.
I too am American

LPGA's lofty standard
Mayors are adamant: they won't tolerate rising crime
Summer cooking on the grill
START: many nights at the round table
Borg's tennis outlook
Freedom from repression
A West Virginia town is a mecca of mime
How to train a dolphin
China's baby boom: Will it take coercion to stop it?
Lakers make Worthy top pick in talent-rich basketball draft
Black-owned businesses just need an even chance
Kampuchean coalition aims at Vietnam's occupation
Banning throwaway bottles, cans: crucial tests in West
Power sharing continues among Yugoslav leaders
Iraq's Hussein, defeated in war, tries to put the pieces together
Bellwether indicators hint end of recession
Job discrimination: Reagan team eliminates quotas, but not confusion
The Soviet succession

The return
Court warns journalists on clarity of their notes
The new face of museum shops
Israel's Sharon may turn criticism to praise if he can push PLO out
Creationists, rebuffed, continue push for recognition
Taiwanese at odds over ambitious auto-export proposal
New grain imports spur Soviet trade with US
Lively, enriching tale of the Chinese-American experience; 'Chan Is Missing' uses detective format for humor and insight
In Tocqueville's shadow
An American cuisine develops from abundance and ingenuity
New high-yield investment account gains US approval
Efforts to halt cigarette smuggling could go up in smoke