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Monitor Archive for June 30, 1982

How Taiwan plans to leap from shoes into software
Deterring drunk driving
North Korea: another candidate for ping-pong diplomacy
Dear Mary Jane and Uncle Sam,
Plants aren't at the mercy of insects
School libraries and free ideas
A loveable bargain, on balance
New draft for US predicted in study
One minority-run bank that mixes with Fortune 500
Baseball's All-Star voting; Royal submarine ace; a milestone for Rose; a hot streak in Philadelphia
'Small is beautiful' in outer space
Duel for world computer market
Candor, criticism mark Yugoslav party congress
Empty rice bowls stir some changes down on the farm
START starts: warm opening despite cold war
Will Haig policies fare better under Shultz?
Iraq finishes Iran pullout; Hussein survives a shuffle
Kenya's great flamingo comeback: pollution goes, the birds return
Diplomatic logjam in Beirut, no concessions in sight
Why ERA failed: opponents' tactics proved potent
Japan skirts EC attack on US over pipeline ban
Officials (slowly) swing open doors of banking system
EC calls for pullbacks by two forces at Beirut
Fine-line survey of the wide world of cars - from Sunrises to Oltcits; World Cars 1982, compiled by the Automobile Club of Italy. Pelham, N.Y.: Hera...
Space-speak, Pentagon-style
From romance to reality, royal baby to rail strike
Secret shuttle cargo, cryptic messages: a more military NASA?
A little bit of everything
What Reagan's 'tough little tug' won't do
Soviet Union in transition: two men vie for Brezhnev's power
The wants and woes of living in a world with 'two' Chinas
Children's Liberation
Han Suyin; A fiery Chinese patriot who opened doors to her country
Is there a sixth sense -- magnetic?; Human Navigation and the Sixth Sense, by R. Robin Baker. New York: Simon & Schuster. 138 pp. $14.50.
NAACP plans voter sign-up drive
An American journalist missing in El Salvador
Canada may pull its belt even tighter
Buying a room air conditioner? Make sure you size up the room
TV production firm: business with a 'black conscience'
This jazz festival spreads its variety through 20 US cities
Authorities start throwing book at pirate publishers
'Generals for Peace'
An island republic struggles to revive economic miracle
2,000 Haitian refugees in US ordered released
US, Taiwan fasten closer trade links, but snags remain
Anaerobic digesters
Opus I
Rave reviews for Porsche 944
Plugging into nuclear poses a few problems
Textiles help in bankrolling leap into computers
When humans converse with apes and whales: what's to be learned; Apetalk and Whalespeak: The Quest for Interspecies Communication, by Ted Crail. Los...
Presbyterian unit to take armsmakers from portfolio
China Steel: a bright spot among public enterprises
How court mortgage ruling affects buyers, sellers, lenders
How Taiwan plans to leap from shoes into software
San Francisco's handgun ban - part of anticrime push
Beneath the Cutlass Ciera hood purrs a smooth-running diesel
Weapons and security
Britain's wasteful class strife wanes
Deposit insurers' financial statements
In Vietnam council shift, Xuan Thuy loses two jobs
3 U.K. journalists released on bail by Argentine court
Citizen panel says US still becoming No. 2
Lebanon's waves in the Gulf
In world art, US now shares its top spot with Germany, Italy
The changing nature of BLACK BUSINESS