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Monitor Archive for June 3, 1982

House gains for GOP forecast
Stennis among winners in four state primaries
Crepes: a Frenchman's favorite fast, but elegant, food
Two more films from Spielberg, a one-man fantasy factory
Pueblo mosaic; Crafting Indian paths to an Indian future
Poland sends no workers to world labor meeting
S. Korean Cabinet shuffle is second in two weeks
Reagan reported wedded to MX despite arms vow
Awaiting the glorious show
West German terrorists set their sights on target of US 'imperialism'
Tanner talks of three-part season
Crackdown on the press
Soviet and Czech leaders renew support of Poland

Reagan's European agenda: money, guns, and image
Allies at odds on exports to USSR
China to free US teacher
Reagan's European agenda: money, guns, and image
Soviet economic woes: incentives for arms control?
Private US pension plans may also need buttressing
Britain's 'Iron Lady' hardens her steely line on Falklands
Mapping America's language; It's not what you say--it's how you say it, says Dr. McDavid
Provocative 'ABC News Closeup' investigates J. Edgar Hoover

India, Pakistan to resume talks on a peace accord
Christian art in Asia: from breaking bread to fish and rice

Frederick Law Olmsted; Grandfather of America's parks
No IOUs for S&Ls
As Britain prepares for a showdown, Argentina vows fight 'to the finish'
New Tokyo role: linking China to the Western bloc
LA Mayor Bradley--first elected black governor?
The snack that explodes from seed to shining sea
Lament for the Falklands
Happiness is . . .
Go get 'em, class of '82!
Spring isn't spring without fiddleheads
Iran's chance for peace
How Billy Graham views his controversial Moscow trip
Military professionalism
Back when
'Constitution should serve the people, not the press'
Cuban, Haitian refugees in Florida lose their aid
Costa Rica: base camp for 1,000 anti-Sandinistas
Dodger housecleaning due; Bonnell explains hot start
A North-South dialogue
Atomic power: has it outgrown its regulated utilities?
You'll like this employee . . . or your money back!

Time for Indy to change; tennis's Swedish surprise; Haden bows out
Despite Taiwan, Deng calls for Reagan summit
A slow recovery seen for Oregon this summer
God's perfect reflection
Oriental, Indian culinary tours
US seeks role in China's A-power
Jay hitter; outspoken players