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Monitor Archive for June 28, 1982

Columbia -- and the role of the shuttle -- are up in the air
Riddles of the Middle East conflict
George Bush on being vice-president
Revving up START
The re-greening of Heicheng: key to the fight is water; Battle against desert aims to set 'abloom' Marco Polo's 'lost city'
6,000 philosophers to 196,000 educators: education degree still most popular
G. E. meets unions at negotiating table
Looking at the workings of a council
Solidarity reversing stand on nonviolent resistance?
Mauritius calls for end to US lease on Chagos atoll
John Yemma reports on Israeli-Phalange cooperation
Somare claims victory in New Guinea's elections
California's steadying influence behind the plate
Despite growing problems. . . ; Afghan guerrillas keep Soviets at bay
Language above time and space
Poland's youth: no graduation balls, few jobs
With Haig's departure, US foreign policy may take 'a lurch to the right'
Gold bugs smarting as theory on crises stumbles
How US foreign policy could change
The best education for the best is the best education for all
Immunity for presidents: how much?
Outfitting a nursery - without the gold-plated crib
US-Soviet churches: Who is best served by links between them?
Teaching children to put pen to paper
On the uses of leisure
Better energy security
Is it possible to pray without ceasing?
California orders spraying after fruit fly discovery
A brief look at the four Space Shuttle flights
PLO fails to get unified Arab sanctions against US
Why Reagan and Begin got it wrong on Lebanon
The KKK -- how more people in US are fighting back

Poland turns to East for economic aid, but prospects are thin
Europeans may be losing a friend in Haig, but gaining another in Shultz
'Falklands factor': or who won the war at home?
Will US cave in to public opinion?; US-Soviet arms talks: it looks like a slow START
Israel's moment for compromise

Democrats' big hurdle: Reagan popularity
Israel displays huge cache of captured PLO arms
A brave new sound in American pop: free-ranging, full of energy
Shultz: respected for his integrity
Code systems that will keep your deepest secrets very secret
Attack on Mugabe: violence tears the capital's calm
Kennedy speech hits hard on Reagan, Republicans
Legislators doubt Salvador has better rights record
Britain braces for transportation chaos
Ron Luciano: colorful umpire who knew how to have fun
Haig resignation rattles East bloc
New England's small farms: their numbers and importance are growing
Wanted in Australia: Chinese executives to fill a gap