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Monitor Archive for June 22, 1982

What it's like to be a royal baby
How social-security debate plays in St. Pete
What's behind tough Begin line on Beirut
Voting rights renewal
Bicycle commuters: some get lift from rapid transit
Harmony and humility
Penobscot Bay; Maine coast: islands, charm, lobster - and fog
Watson emerges from gripping duel with Nicklaus to win first US Open
Florida Senate again kills Equal Rights Amendment
Boston wrestles with racial tension as NAACP convention approaches
The cucumber connection
Court to rule on states seeking to ban A-projects
Unique institute gives Chinese a feel for US management skills
Nijinsky, the dancer who seemed to rest in mid-leap; Bronislava Nijinska: Early Memoirs, translated and edited by Irina Nijinska and Jean Rawlinson,...
Europe learns to wield power through sanctions
GNP gained a fraction in 2nd quarter, US says
As survivors recall the attack on the Liberty
White House stands by Donovan during inquiry
Guerrillas survive biggest attack yet as Soviets roar into Panjshir Valley
Fanfare, bland fare likely at Democratic parley
Whose guns are best?
Why arms protesters in US turn to civil disobedience
Bonn, Tokyo dismayed at Reagan's technology ban
For an open Fed

Radio waves humming with advice on money
Strategy: Can mankind afford to let deterrence fail?
Growing more for Mr. Brezhnev
Art treasurers in the Magao caves; Buddhas smile classical Greek smiles
Federal belt tightening teaches mayors tough lessons in self-reliance
Gibraltar border opening delayed by Falklands war
The many masks of modern art
Charter flights: big savings, but ask plenty of questions
Theater awards -- do they really prove anything?
Bonn, Tokyo dismayed at Reagan's technology ban
Kathy Wilson; Promoting women in politics
Despite hard-line words, PLO ready to lay down arms
Reagan, Begin: blunt talk about Lebanon, the Palestinian question
US curbs on Moscow jolt major allies
US warns ANZUS allies of Soviet push in region
Military space programs to have a single home
US Postal Service back in the black
Iraqi pullout a gain for Khomeini
Women in Japan seek equal opportunity in schools and jobs
Fourth Soviet striker told he can exit to join spouse