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Monitor Archive for June 2, 1982

Soviets, Afghans repelled in big drive, rebels say
Solidarity tells activists to plan a general strike
Budget snarl prompts debate over methods
The view from Iowa: give Reagan a chance
Is student aid a right?
Why GM's small car experts threw in the wrench
Iranian-Iraqi sympathies set off clash in Beirut
Reviving a lost art; Dedham pottery finds new life in reproductions
Preview of US themes in Europe
After the fracas--a budget?
US strategy: force is not enough
More states repeal auto-inspection laws
American held by China
US urges more teamwork on nuclear waste cleanup
Freedom from sickness
Nixon predicts Reagan will beat Kennedy in '84
Another island saga
Religion is private, not public matter
Argentina resolves to stay the course as British close in
Illinois town attempts cleanup after tornado
It's time for a hard look at the state of art in the US
On-site arms verification backed by a high Russian
Mecca of the hard-core spring skier
Microcomputer center in Paris

Alberta, Canada's economic oasis, hit by recession as oil prices fall
Right of search in autos widened
Dust from El Chichon volcano: gaudier sunsets, but climate not periled
Shale oil project's planned community survives despite Exxon pullout
What US Hispanics think of Falklands dispute
Papal example has people kissing London airfield
Finally, a little optimism on nuclear arms reductions
US budget debate sports a new species--the 'yellow jackets'
Credit unions gain new potential as a place to save
Reagan, Mitterrand take opposite economic tacks
Peugeot sees a US market for its plush 604 diesel
Housing in America: the shape of things to come
Chrysler's new New Yorker is still very comfy, needs less fuel
Arendt: Holocaust survivor, profound thinker; Hannah Arendt: For Love of the World, by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl. New Haven: Yale University Press. 563...
Reagan 'peace mongering' pleases West Germany
A crumbling wall between CHURCH and STATE?
US-trained Salvadorans hunt guerrilla camps
Church-state wall should be 'porous'
Learning where to start
Ignorance, washed away
Three views of the Nazi Holocaust; Return to Auschwitz, by Kitty Hart. New York: Atheneum. 192 pp. $12.95. A History of the Holocaust, by Yehuda Bau...