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Monitor Archive for June 14, 1982

Israel, denied 'clear victory,' ready for long Lebanon stay
A whale watch
Northern Vermont challenged by a bilingual experiment
Out of the past
The future of David Stockman
In short . . .
Good principals and good schools
A good day
A political scramble shapes up in California
Food from three farms
Now that Republicans have the budget they wanted
Heavenly music
The 'manners lady' trains them while they're young
Bearing true witness
Spain tries not to trip at World Soccer Cup kickoff
A potpourri of protesters in New York
The score card for Reagan's Europe trip
Brokers engage banks in a three-front war for turf
Will US warm to a nuclear 'freeze'?
Left wins big in Mauritius vote, threatens US base
By My Cottage in Maine
In short . . .
My Hideaway
In short . . .
Soviets barred from deep-sea drilling project
Japanese garden
Hanoi offers to free US's Vietnam war allies
In short . . .
Britain agrees to civilian neutral zone on Falklands
Regan reverses promise of big economic upturn
US public yes on freeze, no on Soviet advantage

France devalues franc
Cities Service, Mesa lock horns in giant-vs.-midget takeover test
Brokers engage banks in a three-front war for turf while some S & Ls manage to slip into money market territory
Singing - sometimes - in the rain
Many Argentines see Pope as justifying their position
Recording the clever comments children make
Confusing work from Spain's inventive 'Joglars'
Developing the proper wrist action
Fahd becomes King as Saudi Arabia faces religious, political threats
US warns Nicaragua about firing on US ships

Polish military rulers ease martial-law restrictions
National anthems around the world
Add art to the three R's
Miami's arts festival: wobbly but important step toward an ideal
Longtime prime minister wins again in Bahamas
Hurler Satchel Paige: pitching wonder who never looked back
Combatants, world opinion weigh Falkland casualties
As Mideast heats up, Reagan's crisis management team shifts into high
In short . . .
In short . . .
In short . . .
Lebanon: PLO faces defeat on two fronts
America's National parks: a heritage in jeopardy
Republicans savor budget victory
In short . . .
US troops in a Lebanon peacekeeping force?; American presence in peacekeeping role is considered controversial