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Monitor Archive for June 1, 1982

Choose Dutch or French on the sunny isle St. Martin
Iran, Iraq bomb each other's civilian areas
Rallies indicate 'just war theory' is weakening among US churchmen
Reagan may find political gain in budget snag
June firsters
Political notes, USA, spring 1982
Justice Potter Stewart: US Constitution is adequate--but may be 'amplified' too much
Reagan, Marshall, and Europe
Columbian Conservative wins presidential election
Nicaraqua floods may change US aid policy
Versailles summit: expect a lively exchange
Cutting nuclear arms: US, Soviets to talk
US-held Marshall Islands become a free republic
Justice under stress

Sen. Baker in Peking for talks on Taiwan
Pope makes history in Britain
Freedom--a divine right
Reagan considers 3-way summit: US-Egypt-Israel
Story of Walesa release a misquote, Poland says
The rise of the farmers' market
California voters swerve from the expected script
Auto imports: target for Congress in election year

Nationalizing industry 'Renault-style'
Monitor chosen NE newspaper of year
The Met's James Morris has a style that clicks with audiences
Who is that man at the President's elbow?
Wall Street and Fed stand back to back on interest rates
Liberties in the balance; New challenges to constitutional freedoms
Bankers wax cautious on growing international debts
The many masks of modern art
True complacency
Hank Aaron considers his home run record almost out of reach
Britons split on post-war Falklands government
The fleecy revolution
America's man for the arts
What are top constitutional concerns in US?
Art that binds the centuries and nations: Mexico's world theater festival
UN at square one on Falklands
Southern California: the proverbial tail that wags the dog
US-Morocco base accord: balancing risks and benefits
Versailles 1982
Impasse on Namibian independence
A cranky Congress makes summit tougher for Reagan
Spain slips into NATO ahead of schedule--avoids ruling-party wrangle