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Monitor Archive for May 5, 1982

Business and the military face up to drug challenge
Channel One--a way for business to help
Hinckley prosecutor says attack was premeditated
Cracks appear in Europe's unconditional support for Britain in Falklands
Five poems by William Stafford
Power shortages sap India's industry
The butler didn't. . . Memory Boy, by Victor Canning. New York: William Morrow and Co. 177 pp. $10. 95. Hand of Fate, by Michael Underwood. New York...
TVA's hot pursuit of nuclear power is cooling down
Put a time limit on territorial disputes
Moderate wins big in St. Lucia election
Palestinian girl killed in Jerusalem rioting
Mercenary trial highlights question of S. Africa link to Seychelles coup
Your 'something' is needed!
Syria pulls out all the stops in bid to topple Iraqi leader
Houk's Sox on top; Perry nears 300th
French writer home safe after apparent kidnapping
Liner QE2 is outfitted for duty off Falklands
Toronto to add a 2,800-seat concert hall
Bahamas aims to land US ships in a drive to expand registry trade
Argentina paints itself as victim
Town and country
Grass-roots backing the deciding factor in voting rights renewal
Indonesia awaits votes after stormy campaign
Does art have responsibilities? At its best, it does
Inventions in the fine art of fine arts survival
A call to prayer . . . without state interference
Trudeau stubs toe on Alaska pipeline deal
OPEC output trails noncartel nations
Crash kill Algerian official who helped free hostages
Food: the forgotten strategic commodity
New calls in US to bring the boys home from Europe
Historians study clues to find facts; After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection, by James West Davidson and Mark Hamilton Lytle. New York: Alf...
School discipline: who's responsible?
NATO's own comparison with Warsaw Pact strength puts East ahead
An 'eat and run' kitchen alcove

Bankruptcy is now easier, but not necessarily better
Town in Maryland votes itself nuclear-free zone
A call to prayer
A diesel car is different -- both the driving and the upkeep
Moscow: reports, but 'no comment' on Warsaw violence
US eyeing the self-employed who skimp with the IRS
New Salvadoran leader may give rebels amnesty
Poland slaps curfew back on
Domenici plan would slash deficit
Don't go overboard on deregulation
Sea losses: new twist to Falklands crisis
Extending the life of your furniture
Raids--not the way to save jobs
US economic recovery: when, how strong, how lasting?
Labor calls for borrowing to bolster social security funds
Alexandra: South African black township most visitors never see
Versatile new Audi sticks, sticks, sticks to the road
Policeman killed in Ulster attack
Decline threatens US science
Peonies and politics of Peking's spring