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Monitor Archive for May 28, 1982

Falklands: military, diplomatic impact beyond islands
US trade deficit drops to a six-year low point
Network news then and now: the long view from Brinkley
Reagan diplomacy: a busy agenda
Japan eases up on import curbs
Shuffleboard security
Turning to God for healing
Israel treatens to attack Jordan before arms arrive

Tracking of trends for companies may have a future in it
Britain: war in Falklands changes daily lives and national mood
No beachhead for diplomacy
Facing up to a freeze
Iran executes two Bahais
Popes visit to Britain - not everyone is happy

Tempering market forces - do nations do too much?

Indochina refugee bride is a 'woman without a country'

Farm price supports: a grain trader argues against them
Assembling an inviting hamper; Picnic baskets with pizzazz
Remembering a loveable maverick
The nouvelle style

Soviet-French mission: pate and propaganda?
Drive to raise minimum drinking age succeeds in several states
Termites can be defeated - even in house built on a slab
Churchill and the Falklands
Careers for grads: the future lies in high tech, energy
'The Texas Chef' whips up Southwestern favorites
Aesthetics in the downtown
Elegant dining in the open air
Naval warfare of future - bigger role for bomber
Argentine bombers strike British island beachhead
Elections cast long shadow over budget
Walesa in better quarters, Polish government says
Iran says Iraqi's overthrow a condition in settling war
Beyond umpah
Iranian at UN: 'We're no threat to anyone'
British antimissile defense scores low points in Israel

A future of selling Big Macs to each other?
American steelmakers to press Washington for quotas on imports
Boiled pickleweed w/saltwort salad: tomorrow's menu?
Trying again on crime
'Eternal yield' garden avoids fertilizers
US affirms it's supplying Britain
Argentina: less boisterous about war glory, ready for more fighting
Coach Pat Riley has Lakers riding a bicycle built for 12
Where the economy is heading
Poles say West refuses to extend crucial credits

Buildings on paper; Does the show make the grade?
Eye-catching drinks for non-drinkers