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Monitor Archive for May 21, 1982

'Coming Out of the Ice'
Andrew Toney: hard man to stop when he has the basketball
Kremlin finds it has to fall back on ping-pong diplomacy
US, Soviets restart Euromissile arms talks
Time out from the lab for training
Spain and US race clock for pact on use of bases
Italian premier wins vote keyed to economic plans
Closing the door on immigration
Invitations to PLO official are denied on Capitol Hill

Pentagon won't fire man accused of budget leak
Canada says study of CIA shows no vote rigging
Africa needs to clean house
UN chief submits own peace ideas

Gulf Oil puts hopes for turnaround on search for reserves
No Lysenkos for America

Plan now for sweeter strawberries in '83
Worthy of healing
Conventional vs. log home: how to decide which to build
Senate rejects cuts in foreign aid funds

Korea follows Japan's lead in overseas electronics factories
Gandhi forces defeat Marxists in Kerala
Britain sees no diplomatic solution on Falklands; Argentine military leaders say: 'We are prepared'
Jaruzelski visits Bulgaria, a critic of Polish ferment
All is deceptively quiet on the 'Warsaw front'
NATO's make-believe world
Corporate brass win big pay hikes--despite recession
10 percent unemployment--what it could mean for nation's economy
The head hunters
Workhorse truck easily converts to glamorous RV
Qatar cuts ties with Zaire for Israel-boycott breach

And now . . . dense pack!
STARTing down the long road
Chevette, an old-timer on road, still rates as a top performer
Scrub ceramic tile thoroughly before covering with paint
Britain's and Argentina's final offers

High tech at business school: how to manage technological innovation
Sag in oil could disappear soon, OPEC chief says
Israel's opposition Labor Party determined to keep pressure on Begin
NASA: fund search for life in space now
Step right up and try our budget . . . best price in town
Nonprofit MBAs
Most Argentines in Spain denounce 'junta's war'

Britain sees no diplomatic solution on Falklands; Argentina military leaders say: 'We are prepared'
A secret US court where one side always seems to win
Top resignations offered in Seoul
Papal trip: Protestantism revisited in Britain
The second time around
Turkish prime minister visits northern Cyprus
'Americas in Transition': the issue as Edward Asner sees it
Senate panel turns back Reagan on Caribbean plan
Yugoslavia and Albania mend fences and build a rail link
Major proposal on conventional weapons; How Reagan would reduce East-West forces
Historic buildings prove special target for arson