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Monitor Archive for May 20, 1982

Rendering nature's message
Recession, depression, or not? What some experts think will happen

Neighbors vote to keep Pennsylvania A-plant shut
Earl Weaver says he means it: '82 season is his last one
US agencies vie in curbing exports - to Soviet arsenal
US-Soviet arms talks point to taking up wider issues
Invasion of Lebanon postponed; Israeli sword lowered - but ready

Corporate profits fell 17.5% in first quarter
Kampuchea seeks more aid to move past bare survival
'Meadow' takes on too much
Not the way to help housing
Savory sandwiches for impromptu, carefree picnics
The woman behind 'All Things Considered'
Detente revisited
Three square meals for $2.50? Plow the playground
Sweet pears in a breakfast cake
Tale of a Whale
Indoor soccer making headway; Lakers sitting pretty
Falklands fallout in Europe
$80 million deficit may mean no school in Chicago next fall
Argentina expunges British place names
UN environment meeting seeks worldwide effort
Scotland helps boost U.K. exports
Toward quieter, less cluttered marathons
Gallup poll: religious renewal in US may be a major trend of '80s, '90s
Preserving our planet
Mitterrand in Africa to tighten Francophone ties
Bank to cover securities default
Britain plans broadcasts to Argentines on islands
Why animal rights groups target the veal sandwich
To one investor, the only way for Braniff's stock is up
I hear America twanging
Quoth the jury, 'Never mower'
Rich Lakers to get richer
Free speech, discussion thrive at Boston's Ford Hall Forum
'Wrong Is Right': epic satire that misses its many targets; Also: 'The Meadow,' awkward effort in the neorealism revival
MX missile: why 'dense pack' idea rockets ahead
Oregon picks tough Democrat to battle GOP governor this fall
A lead talisman
State Department spokesman Dean Fischer; All the nuance that's fit to print
EC's new policy on food prices sets British teeth on edge
New engine may give older jets a reprieve from the scrap heap
The hawks and doves of criminal justice
The hollows over your eyes
Pitcher Perry has few peers
Arresting appellations
Celebrate summer with a colorful outdoor picnic
Zaire draws fire over Israeli tie
If British invade: what next?; Holding Falklands may be even more difficult
Salvadoran legislators vote to suspend land reform
The new man
Basque workers on nuclear plant replaced with foreign technicians
Let's bring dignity back to the housewife
Log rolling
Denver arts center, cozy home for upcoming world theater festival
South Africa's rewritten security laws unlikely to please critics
In Argentine eyes, the US is a traitor
Furiously contemporary, curiously traditional -- that's 'Geniuses'; Geniuses. Comedy by Jonathan Reynolds. Directed by Gerald Gutierrez.
Reagan eyes air bases; Why send US arms to Morocco?