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Monitor Archive for May 12, 1982

Resolution of Iran's power struggle hinges on outcome of Iran-Iraq war
State lotteries are called a good way to soak the poor
Reagan arms talk blasted, but not rejected, by Tass
Threatened union strike may test Salvador regime
Apparel workers ratify contract, brief pay freeze
Seventh Avenue showings; American designs attract growing world attention
Sovereignty still bogs Falklands talks
Tax hikes to woo supply-siders
Lash's view of E.R.: lonely, heroic; Love, Eleanor: Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Friends, by Joseph P. Lash. New York: Doubleday & Co. 480 pp. $19.95.
Consistently hitting shots at same height brings results
Evenhanded look at Joe McCarthy; The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy, by Thomas C. Reeves. New York: Stein & Day. 819 pp. $19.95.
Jobs -- the federal role
Why sea level bears watching
Healing parent-child relationships
Inside 20th-century music
All is not quiet with far-flung US territories either . . .
United States territories
US clerics at Soviet peace talks may paint a few faces red
Israel to probe stories of Army abuses in territories
Israel and Iran pose separate but equal threats to Arabs in Middle East
Low heels for summer shoes
Dutch coalition could crumble over budget feud
Reagan's outreach to blacks
Moderates on Capitol Hill -- not yet an endangered species
Britain holds back from invasion -- a lull before storm?
In Illinois, they still like Reagan, but . . .
Should opera be sung in English?
N.Y.'s CSC Repertory does Strindberg proud; Ghost Sonata. Play by August Strindberg. Directed by Christopher Martin and Karen Sunde for CSC Repertor...
Can a person be free to wander without worry of arrest?
S. Africa, Soviets swap captives
Haig: more arms, no nuke freeze
Soapstone Stoves; A new dimension to heating
Gerry Mulligan and Alicia de Larrocha
Giving business a reason to back the arts
Are Soviets violating SALT II guidelines?
US territorial treaties are pending in Senate
For some, squirreling money away in an IRA may not be so smart
Antigone; Tragedy by Sophocles. Directed by Joseph Chaikin
'Tape Wars' -- Congressional battle over recording TV
Guatemala talks to focus on renewed US arms aid
We'll take capitalism
Hopes for peace sinking as Falkland war intensifies
Masterful photo essays, some never published; W. Eugene Smith: Master of the Photographic Essay, edited and with commentary by William S. Johnson. M...
Why rent takes a growing bite out of US paychecks
Mrs. Gabe and her self-cleaning house
Out of the hills
Court decision: 'amenities of life'
Limestone: one answer for acid lakes
Mubarak is his own man
Panel approves general as Joint Chiefs of Staff head
Tripoli fighting eases after five days, 53 deaths
Ivory: A Time Machine Poem
Pre-season favorite falters; Yanks reel, deal; two N.L. sluggers hot
Records in the fight, too
A Falkland lesson on Taiwan?