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Monitor Archive for May 11, 1982

Up the scaffolding: how to improve on overseas contracts
Energy secretary has job offer
O'Neill's political skills face their biggest test
Italy's Red Brigades sing to the court to save their skins
Back to bootstraps after tripping over its own shoelaces
Reaganomics, another look
Will L.A.'s thirst drain continent's oldest lake?
Early Falklands casualty: truth
Goring a key man again as Islanders seek another title
News for the Traveler
US 'most threatened' big power in South Atlantic dispute
Canadians reject auto give-ups
It may be called Alvin Ailey, but its dances come from many sources
Illinois uses Madison Avenue flair to lure new businesses
Camp David may be casualty if Israel invades Lebanon
Warsaw plans show trials, Solidarity leaders say
Gasoline prices: how long can they stay this cheap?
News for the Traveler
Moving to nuclear power -- at home and for export
Blacks with jobs still enjoy wage gains of '60s and '70s
Until democracy takes root, leaders prefer 'strong man'
Legislation sought to curtail use of armor-piercing bullets
Nicaragua seizes 16 plantations
Jordan to delay request for US weapons until after November elections
Freedom for banking may boost investments
Philippines high court resigns in exam scandal
Peace is key to saving Angkor Wat
World watches anxiously as US, Soviets wrestle over nuclear accord
Northumberland; For those who love nature, walking, and English history
1958 'realistic fantasy' by Pinter effectively revived; The Hothouse. Play by Harold Pinter. Directed by Adrian Hall.
Story needs more shading; Jean Stapleton superb as Eleanor Roosevelt
Japan riveted by speed of Korea's busy shipbuilders
Guinean leader, in office since '58, wins new term
Economic might lets Seoul talk tough with Tokyo
A first-hand taste of classical ballet
Korea looks 'up-market' toward high technology
IBM's bigness pays in costly world of chips
Freedom of the trees
The many masks of modern art
Reagan wants ex-reporter for high post at State
Leap to heavy industry tried again, modestly
In Buenos Aires, UN talks viewed as too little, too late
Per capita income hit $10,000
Billy Graham on hand in Moscow A-war meeting
Poles expel 2 Americans; document transfer alleged
Gasoline prices may begin to rise as summer travel boosts demand
Pope John Paul signals he may still visit Poland; Both he and Polish regime want the trip to proceed
Redistricting puts damper on GOP hopes to win House
'Christian Science and the Worth of Man'
Falklands: the archbishop's advice
Mets bring in new manager, slugger in effort to lure New York fans
A 'Dow Jones' index pegs running values in art
China economy pedals toward renewed growth; But sewing machines, wristwatches, etc., need to be of higher quality
Falklands crisis: Cuba replaces US as Argentina's best friend
Reagan the arms cutter
O'Neill sees a new mood in Washington, country
Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock: Jewish, Muslim, or Christian?
Electronic eye reaches 20% of US supermarkets
Counting unemployed: a number for all seasons
Iraqi airline to restore flights to Egyptian capital
6 Soviets, unable to join spouses in West, try fast
Seoul reaches out to developing lands as 'one of them'
Shoes, shining
America's unheard music
In the South: state, local governments say no to gun control laws
Budget minicomputer from Japan
Echoes of Agnew
Sufficiency is of God