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Monitor Archive for April 7, 1982

Buckley hero: a spy without flaws; Marco Polo, If You Can, by William F. Buckley. New York: Doubleday & Co. 231 pp.$13.95.
Dutch firm sees surge in gas imports by Europe
Fraser fights to keep leading Australia--defies rebel Peacock
And Something More
Latin America reluctantly backs Argentina on Falklands
Austrian Jews in a crumbling world; The Age of Wonders, by Aharon Appelfeld. Translated by Dalya Bilu. Boston: David R. Godine. 270 pp. $12.95.
Is your house well protected by insurance?
US builders: straining for glimpse of recession's end
One city's experiment in merging governments
Give poor countries a break on trade
US-Peking relations on trial over arms sales to Taiwan
New Guatemalan junta issues a list of goals
Save minerals--and land
End Gulf war, PLO chief urges
Old-fashioned tale of war brides; War Brides, by Lois Battle. New York: St. Martin's Press. 359 pp. $13.95.
The Carrington example
The 'two Taiwans'
More savings than just energy
Salvadoran rebels seek negotiations, says scholar
Colorado site may be older than pyramids
On keeping an open mind
China, Mongolia complete talks about their border
In the Falklands' shadow: claims to Antarctic
Woods are easier clubs to swing
Finding job satisfaction
Must useful spacecraft be silenced?
Why a Polish journalist turns to knitting socks
Possible slip by Einstein could jar gravity studies
But first, windmill economics; A city explores ways to harness the bay winds
Art and crafts: worlds apart even when the look is similar
Reagan tries to give boost to US Indian businessmen
A 'future' in helping the firm hurdle people-problems
New leg for space shuttle--home for new voyage
Popular Civil War saga; North and South, by John Jakes. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich. 740 pages. $14.95.
April blizzards--'sno foolin'
Capital buffeted by debate over nuclear freeze
A bid to Brezhnev
Ex-Turkish premier faces jail for magazine article
Hockey's nearly forgotten point-scoring wonder
Pipeline diggers unearth ancient ruin--now to save it
Laser weapon fairy tales
Reagan wants minerals from public lands
Choctaw successes: beacon for other tribes
Slash in budget may halt US gazing at exotic Venus
The Falklands: 400-year echo of the Armada
Salvadoran coalition plans go forth despite a killing
A freewheeling approach
Union COLA clauses lose fizz in recession
Arms race: a time for unilateral initiative
New faces for spring
Perpetual procession
California biologist carves out a career in woodworking
Israeli 'Arabists' urge shutting down West Bank bridges, newspapers