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Monitor Archive for April 5, 1982

Baseball keeps eye on ball for a change
Libya's Qaddafi to visit Greece
Mulligan, Torme, and Shearing mix it all together in one act
Cuba's Soviet ties more vital than ever
West Bank 'hostages'
Brazil pins hopes to huge -- and touchy -- iron ore project in Amazon
Diplomats race clock in Falkland showdown
The 'superiority' question
Reagan on air: patience, please
Reagan signs order to put lid on secrets
Nicaragua asks UN action after US resolution veto
Two US cities try Scottish remedy for youth crime
Congress huffing and puffing over Clean Air Act as elections near
Salvador war: why one young man joins the guerrillas
Shopping for a new car: buying vs. renting vs. leasing
PBS's canceled 'Middletown' segment: was its 'slice of life' spiced up?
Social security -- again
What ever became of clean money?
Vietnam admits economic mistakes, downgrades grandiose projects
Gromyko pays first visit to Belgrade since Tito
Defense lawyers' tactic to implicate King backfires in Spain's coup trial
Alternatives to buying children treats while shopping
When the teachers are the students learning is more than fun
Australia's Fraser shaky after state party losses
Tree of life
Adventures in a medieval castle
Where the economy is heading
Stillness and energy reconciled
Champions not seen repeating in 1982 races
'No more Jimmy Carters'
EPA strips chief of enforcement power
Highs and lows of ESL scores
Profit potential in petals; Hawaii plans flower export drive
Guatemala-Cuba-Nicaragua link?
Israeli attache shot; PLO blamed for killing
Another reason to aid Haitian refugees
91-day savings-account challenge tossed before the money funds
Defending a household; Law allows use of deadly force against burglars
Countering aggressiveness at work
Israeli strong-arm tactic may provoke PLO attack from south Lebanon
Utility stocks, ahead of the crowd lately, still look good
PLO Angered by US veto on condemning Israel
Western group says talks on Namibia successful
A good immigration bill
What a library! You want a rabbit, a snake, or a. . .?
Falkland Islands primer
Salvador economy struggles to get back on board; Guerrilla attacks on city buses explain why fare increases go up today
Will budget debate turn White House organization chart to confetti?
A tale of the forests
Why Argentina invaded: politics, thirst for oil
A letter home
Communism; Economics in the red; Soviet economy: an impeccably planned mess