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Monitor Archive for April 28, 1982

When you live in a a desert, water is more than survival
Staying on plane a matter of feel
As an old year ended, and a new one began
Widening 'network' gets out the word fast on job openings
Pentagon accuses official of leak
Redford, Osmonds lead film industry to 'Hollywood back lot'
Baseball roundup: Cards fly high as. . .; Yankees change manager - again!
American Express banks on Salt Lake
Argentines reject Haig . . . for now
Williams trial recalls Teamsters' pattern of corruption
Taxing the self-employed
Rethink arms and threats, former US general urges
A basin of fuels has yet to make an energy splash
Forget not the elephant
Saudis help make desert city blossom
A city in the valley peeks over the hills to fresh frontiers
America's dead sea rises and falls with a life all its own
A passive role in business adopted by Mormon church

Nigeria faces up to cold, hard facts about its dwindling oil revenues
The Falklands dispute: an Argentine view
Israel upbeat over relations with Egypt
From guest cottage to house...; MODULE BY MODULE
Energy chief plays down bad effects of acid rain
Mideast: does US care?
Astronomers' 'Impossible Dream'
Malaysian premier cinches his hold in landslide vote
WNCN live radio
New England tinkers with new forms of gambling
Dynamics of Chinese brushwork; Chinese Brushwork: Its History, Aesthetics, and Technique, by Kwo Da-wei. Montclair, N.J.: Allanheld & Schram, 30 Par...
Britain's tough task: resupply Navy 8,000 miles away
Yes, but will it fly? New wind gadget tried
Small firm from a small city builds a big pipe
Soviets shy of slipping into Falklands swamp
Pro-family ethic keeps baby boom right on booming
Getting away - equipped
Nuclear freeze plans; Keeping the weapons debate alive
Bonn's new civil-rights legislation proceeds
Mariella Devia

Look carefully before you leap into the inviting commodity pool
Caricature as a 'democratic' art; The Art of Caricature, by Edward Lucie-Smith. Ithica, N.Y.: Cornell University Press. 128 pp. $24.95.; Masters of...
Perspective on federal debt makes it less awesome
Recycled Navy depot is a warehouse capital
Profits sag at Exxon and Eastern Airline and Eastern gets OK for Braniff Latin routes
US families: times are hard but traditional values flourish
British strategy: take Falklands bite by bite
All the valley is a stage for a surplus of performing arts
Why the Mormon church speaks out on 'moral' issues
Individuality versus mimicry
Mountains' new challenge: how to save their ecology
Cuban seeks closer ties with US - up to a point
Stagecraft to the rescue - almost; Three Acts of Recognition. Play by Botho Strauss. Directed by Richard Foreman.
Soprano Schwarzkopf, conductor Giulini; When music students learn from a master: struggle and revelation
University tries to incubate a few good inventions
US, European firms push patent guards in the third world
Family roots go as deep as granite in church files
Iran oil deal ends US boycott, snubs OPEC
Onion-tops and band music rise again at 'Saltair'
Former Soviet official executed for bribe-taking
South African servants take crash course in 'survival'
A one-man radio station's fight to stay on the air
What the world owes Britannia
Trying to stop beach erosion along shores of Lake Michigan
Profits sag at Exxon and Eastern Airlines
112 killed in China in airline crash
November blues for Republicans
Powder on slopes packs in skiers, lifting Utah's image
Court gives Navy Leeway on OK for bomb practice
With big families, women take jobs in anti-ERA Utah
CPI-tied mortgage idea picked up from church
Talks warm up climate for new Afghan independence
Bush to visit China at end of Asian tour

Award-winning apartment steers away from fads