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Monitor Archive for April 27, 1982

Investing prayerfully
Reagan open to tax hike if his program isn't hurt
Turkish leaders take harder line against critics at home

Oil town is Argentina's war-supply depot
US prodding stirs rifts inside Japan
A bad gun bill
Solidarity internees deny conditions are humane
Saving the 'safety net' for defense production
Don't shoot down diplomacy
Bicycles in Munich can now catch a ride
Holding the hearts and minds of the people
There is still a way out for Poland
Looking past Sinai pullout to possible autonomy talks
Reshuffled Phillies hardly resemble '80 champs so far
Indo-Chinese success stories in a US mill town
Switzerland prepares to survive a nuclear war
Tips for auctiongoers: setting limits, judging worth
Britain: next target Falklands - unless Argentines pull out
Toxic chemical spill; 1,700 workers evacuated
Slowest Congress since '60s - budget battle blamed
Argentine public: more misgivings about Galtieri's Falklands invasion
France fosters balance with Canada, Quebec
Jimmy Connors says he'll be on top again
Protest quelled in Seoul as Bush issues US praise
The many masks of modern art
Australian government shaken by 6-inch TV
Looking past Sinai pullout
Pressure builds on Mubarak to solve domestic problems
US walks a fraying diplomatic tightrope over Falkland Islands
Whatever became of sh-h-h-h?
'Falstaff' in Los Angeles: the right people, the right touch
Sinai pullout: wedge for active Soviet role?
There's a lot more snap in the circus these days
Changes at US spy agency uncover new questions
'Let's get on with it'
Argentina: neighbors hold back. Latin America unity masks deep hostility
Poland's economic plight matched by two of its East-bloc partners
News for the Traveler
Are the religious wars ending?
Jazz pianist Marian McPartland as radio host: creative and humorous
Swiss, behind the time(s), turn to electronic watches
How Chicago draws private support to public schools
Harmonies of silence, simplicity
New ways to squeeze service from 'lemon' cars
Don't blame sun's 18-month chill for last winter's extra bite
Some Iranian oil making its way to US users again