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Monitor Archive for April 19, 1982

Britons question US 'neutrality' in Falklands crisis
Will Asians ever become innovative in technology?
A troupe that follows its own comic vision -- with mixed results; Secret Lives of the Sexists Play written and directed by Charles Ludlam for the Ri...
A Ford in your future?

Two ways to view America's 9 percent jobless rate
US budget drama: investors, consumers hold their breath
Task force works to promote fathers' role in child raising
Multinationals get 'royalty' treatment in the Philippines
One college's way to really absorb Venice
I love the word
Japan helps clear clogged ports of call
Environmentalists win halt in strip-mining revisions
Oh, rats! The pesty varmints thrive on 'Green Revolution'
Speaking of tulips
This yearbook just has to be seen to be believed
Amarillo harks Reagan radio talk
Boon's pigs help cook family meal
'Free' education may not be so free to the poorest
Guatemala coup seems to please most of country
Who is brightest -- and sometimes best?
Hands for sheep
'Locomotive of prosperity' may be losing steam
'Green charcoal' and other tricks to save Asia's trees
Library outings offer a variety of learning experiences
How L.A. copes with its huge language challenge
Philippines takes a go-with-the-flow way to irrigation
Why there's an argument over the Falkland Islands
Fishers take forward step back to sailing
NATO churns through rough seas
Anatole: A True Story
Amfac Inc. cuts Hawaiian sugar losses by branching out
Why Reagan takes a shine to the mini press conference
China, USSR sign accord boosting trade 44 percent
Agnes of God Drama by John Pielmeier. Starring Elizabeth Ashley, Geraldine Page. Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg.
Robert C. Cowen wins space writers' award

Gold price sag has dealers offering some extra glitter
Power shifts among US, Japan, and India at Asia's aid bank
Typhoons, worst foe of farmers, bind 11 nations
NATO in crisis, says congressional study
Behind the networks' sudden surge of documentaries
Falklands deadlock clouding General Galtieri's future
Mubarak: Egypt faces austerity, not prosperity
Embattled farmers
UN Secretary seeks route for post-Sinai pullout talks
Rodgers, Salazar to duel; Dream matchup, cloudy future for Boston Marathon
Asian 'food bank' proposed by UN
The myth of family decline -- and its benefits
Schmidt faces stiff debate at national party congress
Puddle Jumpers
Israel ready to hand back Sinai lands - except disputed bits
Lessons in integrity
Indochina: success in war; hunger in peace
Falklands dispute is most visible of Argentine crises that won't go away
Coal could be fuel for 21st century, if oil habit kicked
Sandinista economy still in the starting blocks
USSR may mine seabeds unless US signs treaty
Maneuvering over date of a Reagan-Brezhnev summit
Making life's connections
Hail Holland!