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Monitor Archive for April 14, 1982

Survival on the Galapagos: it's tourism vs. tortoises
An Arab official calls in Moscow
Inside 20th-century music
US compromise reported for Jordanian arms plan
US moving ahead on sale of spare parts to Taiwan
Yahama's light motorbikes--made for and by women
Mistakes can pave the way to better play
Minnesota town fathers move to require guns
'Caretaker' named to fill Williams's Senate term
Accused of being too lenient with terrorists, France toughens its stand
US moves to calm Israel; Egypt sends arms to Iraq; Egypt counters Iran threat
'Chip' wars: USA, Inc. vs. Japan, Inc.
Woman's slant on long trip west; Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey, by Lillian Schlissel. New York: Schocken Books. 272 pp. $16.95.
French, Soviets planning an East-West spaceflight
US seizing high tech headed for East bloc
Urban rehab: everyone wants to get into the act
Making weapons that work
Philippines bow to Saudis, soften line on Muslim rebels
S. Africa, Zimbabwe 'swap' blacks and whites
Tantantara! Tzing, boom!
Condo Complex
Chicago, Washington collide on housing chairman's ouster
Spring in Peking--when dust storms battle with green belts
Can low-key Nike swoosh into top sport-shoe spot?
Gustav Vigeland: Hewing ideas, forms, cycles
I talked to a Frenchman
Falkland talks: deadlocked but still alive
Hypnosis is no aid to justice
As tax deadline nears, IRS frets about the missing $95 billion
Portland: Dusting off the welcome mat
Essays with the gift of optimism; Peripheral Visions, by Phyllis Theroux. New York: William Morrow & Co. 136 pp.
Verses about Poland
An unarmed army to resolve world conflicts
Falkland war zones bolster UN case for a law of the sea
Autobiography of a more-than-ordinary life; The Education of an Ordinary Woman, by Lois Mark Stalvey. New York: Atheneum. 311 pp. $14.95.
EPA let small refiner err on lead levels, paper says
US moves to calm Israel; Egypt sends arms to Iraq; Double-shuttle diplomacy
Bad school policy
Hope for a city in decline
The Great (salt) Lakes? saline pollutants fill Erie, Ontario
Texas whites
Outreach to industry reflects larger trend across state
Physicist Teller: USSR leads in nuclear race
Argentina revs up war machine
US takes a harder look at weapons in space
Home-grown high tech blooms in Portland
NPR's radio program on the arts, where seconds are crucial
Don't undermine the Voting Rights Act
Reagan aide in half-time pep talk
References help in picking out a financial planner
Fighting over territory
Giant outfielder Jack Clark: can he catch up to his potential?
Allied Corporation vs. the recession
Celebrating women, drama, and dance the Pennsylvania Ballet way
Now that corporate America has what it wanted
Mideast dilemma: What happens after Israel pulls back from Sinai?
Security Council called over Jerusalem shooting
The Caribbean: why a 'trickle down' plan won't work