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Monitor Archive for April 12, 1982

Britain: pressure for diplomacy builds
When newspapers make the news
Brezhnev will probably meet Reagan, says Soviet
Saudis may cut output to hold OPEC oil price
Conductors' operas: Met offers two classics
Public radio can save itself--if
Britons reach N. Pole but it's not all downhill yet
Reagan the dove?
Time enough to pray
The flood
Ghotbzadeh arrested for plotting a coup in Iran
W. German peace movement shows strength, tries to settle quarrels
GM vote: cold water on concessions?
US closes Cuban firm, cuts last US-Cuba air ties
Students for peace, but not the freeze
Falklands dispute: the uses, dangers of power
An idea knowing no boundaries in the world
US to Nicaragua: if you stop aiding rebels, we'll help you
New federalism: back to the drawing board
The wisest answer
'Superhumanism' is mainly technical tricks and self-conscious humor
Poland to dissolve union, says Solidarity leader
Reagan: loan cuts won't squeeze students out
Panama envoy choice draws heat
Possible changes in handicapped education stir debate
Will Congress let Reagan cut student aid in half?
Syria closes oil pipelines; cuts Iraqi exports in half
Middle East edges back into spotlight
Where teaching is the exploring of new ideas
The charity net
Children learn roles as hosts to house guests
Sniper hits Easter crowd; Arabs riot in holy city
Moderation in tax refunds hints interest-rate ease-up
EC takes toughest economic sanction ever; W. Europe stands with Britain
US hopes to put 'services' on big trade-talks agenda
Why E. Europe embraces crisis management
When Arabs make up
Debate mounts over use and production of nuclear weapons
London tries to return 'bustle' to Thameside
Choosing NBA's best as basketball trade winds stir
Falklands dispute: the uses, dangers of power
Navy Secretary Lehman: a well-versed, outspoken hard-liner
Oil industry doing slow burn over Reagan energy policy
A few of the pertinent facts behind the debate on student aid
Puppeteers exchange tricks of the trade
What Makes Me Smile
Its '81 debts rescheduled, Poland must face even bigger bills in '82
Order widgets by phone--in the middle of a traffic jam