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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1982

Anglicans debate Pope's role if union with Rome occurs
California targeted for 'bullet' train
Possible nuclear dump near park sets off alarm
Salvadoran turnout may top 80%
Tennis and truffles mix with today's cuisine at Troisgros
Going back to Benton; Life meets legend in southern Illinois
US Officials end a stint in Canal Zone transition
Central America's 'Ho Chi Minh' trails
The light of Cezanne
Family mystery with a literate touch but declining interest;
Is the Japanese 'Theory Z' really a management acme?
Why terrorism persists in Italy
Nicaragua says Honduras 'kidnapped' a diplomat
'Last Supper'; 500-year-old da Vinci masterpiece begins to look itself again
How you can help
Italy's Marco Pannella; Shopping for funds to feed five million
Dallas Green brings Philadelphia flavor to task of rebuilding Cubs
Don't detour deregulation
No beeps, no buzzes, just a quiet game of Scrabble
Israeli Embassy building in Paris hit by gunmen
Canyonlands: 'a lovely and terrible wilderness . . . harshly and beautifully colored'

In comes spring -- and in come tax returns
Hartford's new prescription for fighting drug abuse
No roads lead to Pilottown, but nary a ship passes it by
San Salvador: euphoria over polling gives way to unease
35 world religious leaders ask arms race turnabout
Politics Out West; Defying a brand, the maverick Mountain States spice their conservatism with a liberal dash of environmental action
Environmentalists challenge Reagan
Champions of Champlain make polluters come clean
Shrinking cropland a growing worry
Forget the Brooklyn Bridge, try buying an acre of Mars
35 foreign companies vie to develop Chinese oil
Paragon of beauty and variety
When father knew best -- and after
Maple sugar recipes are in season now
The 'Impossible Raid'
British ships head for Falklands
Snow shovels and dustpans
A maple sugar product for hikers, campers
Brutal suppression of Hama revolt sends shockwaves through Syria
Shuttle flights: 3 down, 69 to go
Reform for '84 -- no fooling?
The Ralph Nader of Brazil wages an uphill battle for consumers
Tips for maintaining a successful home aquarium
Sagging Argentina awaits outcome of economic blitz
The morning of April 26
Fortunes in drugs
New Yorkers come together to clean up their streets
E. Germany likes peaceniks -- but only in the West
Brezhnev under care in Moscow hospital
Prayer and free speech
National security vs. academic freedom
J. Rotenberg: young person in a young-person's game
Federal commission pans idea to link gold and US dollar
Guatemala coup promises 'honesty'
Sentiment and substance: how the Oscar votes stacked up
Weinberger pledges arms to Seoul in case of war

Democrats hope to enlist students irked by aid cuts
Shaken Iraq looks for way to end its war with Iran
Viet war hero dropped in Politburo shake-up
To 'paint' the air
Bill Koch's Nordic title caps amazing year for US skiers