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Monitor Archive for March 9, 1982

Shopping the sale at Harrods
How to propel US industry into 21st century
The many masks of modern art
High-tech high school: saying hello to 'Mr. Chips'
The Florida that used to be
India's space program hitches a ride with NASA
The egg man and I
Limiting nuclear arms
If the budget-choppers go after business . . .
China protests Viet attack on fleet of fishing vessels
Universal handclasp
To safeguard electronic mail
Block defends tight Reagan budget, pledges aid to hard-hit small farmer
Is 'energy independence' a chimera?
Peking toughens penalties for major crimes
Plan ahead to avoid a new oil crisis
Polar bears are charming on a TV screen, less so in person
First woman named UN undersecretary-general
Rights group cites abuses in El Salvador
Shape-up time for Dodgers, baseball's reigning champs
Red Brigade member tells court he was tortured
GOP retirees put Midwest governorships up for grabs
Sino-Soviet standoff
Some 100 interned Poles indicted, may face trial
Why US might snap Mexico's Salvadoran olive branch
Christian church in China is filled to the rafters
Boston Opera jousts with a challenging 'Die Soldaten'
Reagan plan to address Parliament sparks dispute
Cervantes Festival: Nureyev, Bernstein, in a charming Mexican town
Red Phalarope
Western Europe reported sending arms aid to Iran
Voice from jail: Polish dissident says 'naive' union underestimated regime
Rubber union: we won't follow UAW
The intervention record
S. Africa's Zulus propose sharing power with whites
Rather's first anniversary
High court rejects appeals on aircraft noise, census
PLO guerrillas, Sinai squatters keep Israel on its toes
Guatemala: now the reform
Guatemalans' vote for 'more of the same' - was it fair or a fraud?
McCracken: Recession is close to bottoming out
Nearly l,000 Egyptians stand trial on failed coup
Top US student leader named
Stoessel: 3,000 Afghans perished
3 big banks cut prime rate after fall in money supply
Krakow: peaceful surface masks bitter realities
Dublin; An odyssey through James Joyce's city
'Why in the World'