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Monitor Archive for March 8, 1982

Democrats map plan to alter Reaganomics
Use of US troops in El Salvador: 'farfetched'
Shifting Moods
Family harmony
South Africa: a new bid for reform?
Congressional budgeting: a tougher task every year
France's Michel Jobert: US critic turned salesman
Women in jazz
Birth of a whale
Congressman 'misquoted' on lifting Polish sanctions
An act of faith
GM, auto worker talks likely to rev up again
At last -- a college guide as smart as the students
Reagan popularity drops in news magazine poll
Syria's Assad charges US backed Hama revolt
US refuses to come aboard for Law of the Sea treaty
India soon must gear itself to fewer interest-free loans
'Child Watch' takes a look at community child-care services
Controversial seal hunt underway in Canada
Agency lends a hand to job-hunting teens
Oil stocks' fall prompts talk of $15-a-barrel oil
The 76ers: a basketball enigma unto themselves
US struggles with sex stereotyping in math instruction
Take me out to the (beep-beep) ballgame
More political tremors shake Moscow's power pyramid
Reagan's 'nice guy' twins: Gergen and Speakes
Journalists tiptoe through the 'crocodile-infested swamp' of Beirut
An exhibition of paintings by an individualist
Manufacturers' spending plans take biggest plunge since '74
NRC's wise vote
The depression mongers
Power of Joint Chiefs chairman could grow under General Vessey
'Dreamcoat' and 'Pump Boys' -- two musicals that really sing; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Ri...
Young New Yorkers take up the fight for world peace
How the jet stream affects an airplane ride
Jobless rate: only half the story
Guatemala votes; Reagan policy tested
American firm hopes it's 'just the beginning'; Japan's 'Ma Bell' buys US beepers
How the Amish live
Reagan to address British Parliament's joint session
Using computers: are you 'actorate'?
New orbits for Europe
Explosion sinks tanker; 16 crew members rescued
UN's survey on Asia notes progress, poverty
Monkey business
Gun control: Congress probes for ways to close loopholes in '68 law