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Monitor Archive for March 4, 1982

Truth: our certain protection
Pentagon acknowledges it seeks Caribbean bases
Fragrant flavors of the Mediterranean in menu for two
Political split in South Africa: why it boosts hope for reform
Red Baron's restaurants perk up downtown Orlando
Egypt tries to polish its nonaligned image
Meet Moses Malone, MVP candidate; baseball Yanks hit the basepaths
Atlanta keeps task force on homicide, after all
Energy: still a hard road ahead
One city's battle over merger of two daily papers
Atlantic Richfield to stop accepting credit cards
US tempers opposition to Europe-Siberia pipeline
Robert Penn Warren Still a Yearner Still a Wonderer
Congressman urge switch in US Salvadoran policy
A taut, menacing revival of 'The Caretaker' The Caretaker Play by Harold Pinter. Starring F. Murray Abraham, Anthony Heald, Daniel Gerroll. Directed...
US-Syrian relations may be warmer than they look
US thrift industry sends SOS; offers plan to aid S&Ls
California's baseball galaxy glitters, except on mound
From voters to Congress? Growing grass-roots effort for nuclear arms freeze
A new Sinai 'war' - of eviction
OPEC oil ministers plan emergency talks on glut
Reagan calls deficits 'a necessary evil'
Wright calls for economic 'summit'
China's 'administrative revolution' moves forward
Supreme Court rules ou attempt to speed appeals
World hunger and private enterprise
Limestone caverns provide office space; Kansas City industry goes underground
W. Germany saves its breeder nuclear reactor
Child labor: exploited rather than employed?
Wrong bus stop
A song of winter
Co-op store, new film blossom in Peking spring.
Why veteran saxophonist Eddie Barefield sees little future for jazz
Rebellion in El Salvador; Guerrillas: tough warriors, fragile unity
Cities use slogans, songs, and shows to win convention business
Britain grinds gears over nationalized industries
Sony video camera setup: snapshots on any paper
Capital punishment - the perennial debate
First impressions begin with a step inside the door
Year of the eagle
Soviets find it hard to keep supplying Poland
Leaf-brown path
Business directory to sharpen sales contacts spreading via franchises
GOP strategy for '84 may peril party's candidates in '82
It goes 36 miles on a battery and $1
Industrial nations hold talks on unemployment
Rent-a-record: bargain for public, or ripoff of industry?
Dutch cookie-cake is Bake-Off winner
'Three Brothers' delivers quietly powerful drama
In 'the City by the Bay,' public TV pays its own way
Totally at home
Peru leftists raid prison; 20 are killed, 270 freed
Can 'Utah lobsters' steal Maine's market out West?
The case of the airmailed voter and other tales of the Cook Is
Prospect of Soviet lasers on space base its divulged
Jousting over Jerusalem
Baking trends
Florida river project: flood of trouble
Environmentalists, industry prepare to lock horns over '82 bottle bills
Moonlight blossoms
Mr. Mubarak's problem
Inflation puts new cloud on Australian economy
Bans on drug item sales to juveniles are upheld
A talk with director Rosi