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Monitor Archive for March 31, 1982

State government steadies Austin against recession
Mercy's greeting
PHOTOVOLTAICS; A Maine island plugs into the sun
Gambling on Casinos -- and Losing; Will other states follow suit?
Poland and East Germany to try to offset sanctions
Working at the finest masterworks
China's reply to Brezhnev sits well with the Kremlin
McBee of Tracor riding high in high-tech saddle
Should towns tell kids when it's time to go to home?
The Kubelik difference: a quest for the heart of the music. Maestro's disinterest in showy effects, love of work at hand is felt by audiences
Capitalist think tank springs up on campus
TV's 'City Limits' puts Austin on the country music map
Can the US deal with the wily Castro?
The man who takes money for granted
American mobility slows as housing costs soar
The Great Texas Archives War of 1842
TV reporter from US says she was assaulted in Kiev
US, France to hold talks with Namibia organization
Yamit: deceptive peace precedes Israeli evacuation
On the way to Spacelab
Earth views from far and near; Earth Watch: A Survey of the World from Space, by Charles Sheffield. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company. 160 pp....
China looks to the sea for new oil
Manufacturing in space?
Greater Austin scorecard
Ministers in shirt sleeves
China puts self-reliance to test as it digs deeper for oil
Robots toddling from factories toward home and office
Sportswear out on the town
Begin's ultimatum to West Bank Arabs: cooperate . . . or else
Law of the Sea's tempest-tossed negotiator
Busing works OK, but will city schools draw newcomers?
Nice guy who finished first reflects on his solo race across the Atlantic; Moxie: The American Challenge, by Philip S. Weld. Boston: Atlantic-Little...
After so many NCAA near misses; Dean Smith finally gets title as N. Carolina edges Georgetown
Care in squirreling tax papers brings order out of chaos
Papal visit to Britain: clash over talk of merger
Can Reagan beat Carter's record in the polls?
US worries about rightist trend in Salvador election
Oil money helps the University of Texas be top rate
Iran says an Iraqi army destroyed
The Salvadorans speak
Economic bellwether slips again
Columbia's success marks it as practical space transport system
Robots toddling from factories toward home and office; 'Dumb' robots selling to Rolls Royce crowd
Reagan starting series of 5-minute radio talks
Reruns or coming attractions?
A Lone Star city rises in brilliance at sensible speed
Congress gives Reagan cash--but will he spend?
Sharing what's inside
Mexican oil firm off limits in suits over big '79 spill
White living standards could drop, too; S. Africa's gold bust hits blacks hardest
Don't build walls around scientific discovery
Jack Kemp's star still rises on the right
Nicaraguan censors quash news on Salvadoran vote
A 50th birthday party for Radio City Music Hall
Gas pumps and airplane seats at the Victoria and Albert
Earth views far and near; National Geographic Atlas of the World, Fifth Edition. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society (Dept. 3591, 20036)....
As peak season nears, air control questions persist
Hawaii polishes its 'aloha' image with a successful war on crime
Hard choice for 1990s: will energy come from solar, nuclear, or coal?
Nuclear arms: thoughts of a European expert