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Monitor Archive for March 25, 1982

Don't look now, but the '84 presidential race has started
Harnessing Sri Lanka's Nile; A Nation Braces For A Flood Of Its Own Making
US stake in Japanese trade; How Japan's farmers block imports
Education of a father
College champ to emerge from basketball's Final Four
Italian President on 9-day US visit
South Africa plans a military draft
US says it's ready for Nicaraguan talks
Custom Forecasts; Watching The World's Weather From Bedford, Mass.
Refuge in Providence; Cambodians Find A New Life In Rhode Island
Army coup shifts Guatemala . . . toward the center

WANTED: wisdom
GOP to Reagan: cut the size of the deficit
Harmful A-waste reported at Three Mile Island plant
Brezhnev plays his 'China card'
Art's disappearing act, and the conservationist's fight to stop it

Two 3-star French chefs explain their quest for quality; La Mere Blanc
A market worth keeping
Columbia's other crew -- instruments that probe, measure, monitor
With all the vibrancy of life
Two cheers for the suburbs
NATO's future, continued
N.Y. Daily News: going once, twice, sold?
Sinai pullout plans will go ahead, but Israelis face possible new election
A new way to catch tax cheaters
US blamed in S. Africa arms flow
Bangladesh: military coup that took nobody by surprise
Tapping volcano's pent-up steam to light Hawaii
Cranberry juice, milk coming in 'bottles' made of paper
Twice-rising kneaded bread made in half the usual time
Finding justice in employment
Tomorrow's shortage: workers not jobs
Congress pores over the ledger; Forcing the Pentagon to be a smart shopper
Britain's Malcolm Muggeridge; PORTRAIT OF A PUNDIT
Walt Disney's biggest dream comes to life October 1
A rich chocolate cake made with sour cream
The Hollywood horror film is vanishing, victim of its own excesses
Britain's great bobby debate: what is their role?
US envoy in El Salvador suggests talks with rebels
Guatemala's history lesson
New twists for the Ocean Spray people
New drive to spare sperm whales
Right-winger d'Aubuisson; Salvador's 'hottest political force'
Science Whiz-kids; Westinghouse Has Been After Them For 40 Years
Big retailers launch specialty stores
Antique-buying at flea markets can be risky business
US experts see hope of improved human-rights outlook in Guatemala
Circle Rep's wildly funny broadside; The Great Grandson of Jedediah Kohler; Comedy by John Bishop. Directed by John Bard Manulis and Marshall W. Mas...
Two 3-star French chefs explain their quest for quality
Putting together a versatile travel wardrobe
Louisiana Tech thunders into the women's basketball spotlight
US asked by NATO allies for close ties on START
US agency tries to keep farmers from being plowed under by debt
Tucson to Timbuktu: exports on the rise in landlocked Arizona
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