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Monitor Archive for March 24, 1982

Ex-Green Beret says US recruiting for Nicaragua
Near Countisbury
Behind Begin's sudden troubles: concern about hard-line policies
Too large is love to capture in a poem
Australia loosens reins on banks
Tehran Radio says eight top Iranian leftists killed
Iraq says counteroffensive took heavy Iranian toll
United Auto Workers: 'Made in America' should mean what it says
Look again at the US-China link
Chevrolet designs a brand-new Corvette for highways of 1983
Mail-order houses discover the affluent and quality-minded customer
Hughes heads Voice of America
Western diplomats report destruction of Afghan city
Philippine guerrillas kill 14 soldiers in ambushes
China warns of forming links with Taiwan
Army stages coup in Guatemala
El Salvador campaign; Election climax: right vs. center; Salvador election build to climax amid war
Is Namibia ripe for settlement?
McCarthy: when the press failed; Joe McCarthy and the Press, by Edwin R. Bayley. Madison, Wis.: The University of Wisconsin Press. 270 pp. $16.50.
How to simplify home life, free time for essentials
Try these tips for easing burdensome projects
For the best of the Merce Cunningham style, go to the source
Nancy Lieberman, basketball dynamo; the new look Boston Marathon
Courtship -- Chinese style
New light on FBI treatment of Dr. King; The FBI and Martin Luther King Jr., by David J. Garrow. New York: W. W. Norton & Co. 320 pp. $15.95.
A window in Northern Ireland
And some people think it's a bargain. . .
The nuclear ban that worked; Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Test Ban, by Glenn T. Seaborg with Benjamin S. Loeb. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University...
Hike the gas tax
Reagan, Congress may bump heads on debt ceiling
Singapore's one-man opposition
US nuclear submarine hits Turkish ship off Virginia
Exploring space with the help of a hand computer
Urban 'enterprise zones' proposed by Reagan
Bridges of Allegheny County
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now . . .
Lebanese Christians offer olive branch to Syrians
Tuition tax credits: unfair to public schools
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide.
Turkey - a key NATO member - looks to the Middle East for new economic ties
Planning a move? New rules apply and bear checking
Boston Marathon not for sale
Uganda: resilient nation stays two steps ahead of chaos
Opening the way to deceptive ads
Is petroleum a renewable resource?
Bankers give new 91-day note a lukewarm reception
Whose life?
World recession weakens Japan's economy by cutting vital exports
Touching other bases
Tanzania: socialist 'paradise' can't pay its bills
Talking with dolphins -- just one research opportunity for amateurs
Even energy conservation affects the environment
Missing tiles not expected to trouble space shuttle
Troubled states may fight plant closings
Lean against the morning
Britain's Social Democrats hang on a by-election
A guide for the gallery-browser: more pleasures than pitfalls
In spring conditions, be ready to adjust to changing surfaces
Washington warms up to balanced budget law
Is US inflation finally being whipped?
Japan grows testy as US hammers away at island's trade practices
Anti-busing bill -- once stalled -- gets back in gear; Rules maneuver could force action by House
Salvador guerrillas invite Venezuela to negotiate
TPC achieving status as golf's new major tournament