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Monitor Archive for March 23, 1982

'No greater weapon'
Children's malnutrition blamed on budget cuts
King Rama IX builds and binds a nation, trying to avoid politics
Glut turns oil into red ink on OPEC ledgers
God's work is done
Coupon clipping from the Yellow Pages
Gas bubbles and oil pools: mainly a buried treasure
Teacher union plans big '82 election effort
Hiring a qualified home inspector before you buy
Behind words, beyond reason: an ethos of language
Guerrillas, Army clash in Colombia fighting
Woman dons robes of Kenya's highest court
Oil glut, inflation hit Mexican economy
West Bank warning
Thais eat rice, and rice paddies eat Thailand's forests
Mr. Leaun's tale of chickens and corporate farms
Tune in to the perfect bureaucracy
Royal in origin, biggest firm finds freer market
Steamboat's a-comin' -- river queens race again
Looming changes for warp and weft of silk
Japanese and Thai parallels
The shuttle is for sharing
Iraqi diplomat reported assassinated in Beirut
The people of 'Middletown' decades later: is this a true picture?
Brezhnev makes NATO and peaceniks shift gears
Ominous signs for Schmidt's ruling party
And now GM
The inspiration for mermaid legends?
Egypt at the crossroads
Hawaii cruise
Congress eyes tax on imported oil
They're flying in space with the greatest of bees
Dodgers' self-contained complex is the last word in spring training
What's behind Arab turmoil on the West Bank
Nancy Reagan aids drug fight
GM pact moves industry along road to cooperation
Supreme Court rejects Clean Air Act challenge
'Those kids'
Begin's bitter -- but finest -- hour
Black Sash lashes out at S. Africa's 'mere lip service' to race reform
Scientists probe new threat to sea cows
Thrift banks reach for a slice of the trust business
The US itself gets in the way of business, say exporters
Battles in Kampuchea yield evidence on 'yellow rain'
Hawaii sugar crop: how sweet it isn't
Columbia's thunder heralds seven busy days for crew
French election results deal blow to Socialists
Land of Smiles gives a welcome but wary grin to sharp rise in tourism
New cities could pull people from 'sinking' Bangkok
Japanese foreign minister visits the White House
Proposal to allow leasing of wilderness draws fire
Working with a contractor
Windswept dikes and herring stands
Series: Asia's Economic Dragons
Polish regime uses trial of obscure dissidents to defend martial law
Met at its best in a new staging of 'Tales of Hoffmann'
The many masks of modern art
The US itself gets in the way of business, say exporters
'Give us more of your technology,' Thais urge Japan
NATO's future
European nuke foes to tour US
Gandhi attacks India's press but journalists talk back
Major Iran offensive regains Iraqi-held land
Ireland angles for computer companies with a future
Light at the end of a pipeline, joy for 200 years of kings
Single women in the home-buying market
Nicaragua reports clash with Honduran warplanes