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Monitor Archive for March 19, 1982

First Nicaragua-El Salvador battle
US, Argentina think alike on Central America but worlds apart on bomb

More thumbnails from Down East

A little magnanimity, please
College aid and civil rights
A Reagan way to conserve?
New England Poet
Ready for white geraniums? How about rose, pink - even bicolored?

Colorado luxury condos still sell, but other housing in short supply
Leipzig fair: cool spring start to East-West German ties
The spirit of Christmas present
GREAT DECISIONS '82; Poland and the USSR: troubles in the workers' paradise
Menswear; Offering a new palette of subtle colors
Indonesian election rally turns into riot
German workers opt for jobs over real pay hike
Columbia landing site switched to White Sands
Painting ceiling tile is first choice
Britain defends its NATO role
Sorting out the many hues of supply-side economics
Soviets, India's No. 1 arms supplier, work to keep it that way
Jobs for tomorrow
The Joint Chiefs' costly bauble
Oysters to tilapia, Hawaii grows 'em
Clean cut; Clear, simple lines emerge as designers focus on form
World economic crisis finds UNICEF struggling for support
London; A contrast of styles: prairie, Caribbean, New Edwardian
'All systems go'
Norman Lear's 'I Love Liberty': patriotism and family fun; Also, British invade US sitcoms with the sometimes-witty, early 1900s adventure series 'Q...

No stars in their eyes; US budget cutters telescope spending for astronomers

Reagan nominates new Navy and Air Force chiefs
Tabloid Trio; New voices speak up on built environment
Everyone's No. 1 question: what will the President do?
Paris; Looking forward to a golden season
Hearty, nutritious broccoli likes rich soil
Reagan defense budget draws right-wing fire.
Schultze: economic boost coming, but may be short
Beaten to the punch by Brezhnev
The season for; Stripes
West Bank town council dissolved by Israelis

The fall of a senator
Did US-based group bomb six Nicaragua bridges?
Foreign journalists threatened in El Salvador

Hawaii's Ariyoshi: Pacific is next growth spot
US tries to chip away at Japan's high-tech market
West German skier bids for women's World Cup
New ways to pay for college as costs climb, loans disappear
New York tries to put a shine back on Times Square
US to return Nazi artwork Army took at end of war