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Monitor Archive for March 18, 1982

Give yourself a beauty treatment
Israeli lawyers ready defense for Palestinian extradited from Chicago
John Bennett's Bend
President asks Congress for Caribbean aid funds
What's anybody's line?
Canada's internal squabbles resurface as oil prices sink
Northeastern U. makes its mark
The domino theory, revisited
Russia's real threat to Iran
Libya warns US about planned Navy maneuvers

Arbitration offered for goods damaged in moving
Paul Bocuse: Lunching with the culinary lion of Lyon
Japan to US on trade: 'doing best we can'
Law would prohibit hiring of illegal aliens
Propane catching on with heavy-vehicle fleet owners
Greece resorts to brinkmanship over Cyprus
The Klan
Peering ahead to Wimbledon; Northeastern makes its presence felt
Trust the press, Mr. Reagan
Films that help us remember how recent history happened
Pretoria makes sure it closes door on black political role
Sizing up the SS-20s
President complains of 'downbeat' TV coverage
Stock exchange chairman criticizes Reagan budget
New York's Mohonk: a turreted, rambling resort for the whole family
Big Board officer surveys wider spectrum of investors
Sweet and savory souffles
Act now on a budget compromise
Israeli 'provocations' in southern Lebanon fail to goad PLO -- so far
Vietnamese 'outcasts' are stranded in Korea
Managerial merry-go-round
Vermont youths declare war on nuclear weapons
Pentagon has plans for 'Stealth' weapons family
Quick bread mixed in a food processor
Cricket enthusiasts in US make pitch for their sport
Fast, savvy supporting cast backs up Sampson in Virginia's NCAA title bid
US ski touring turns resort winter doldrums toward economic upswing
Under this lens
Blue-collar blues in a Chicago home; Weekends Like Other People Comedy by David Blomquist. Directed by Ulu Grosbard
Horst Herold: putting away data to put away terrorists
Plot to kidnap US envoy reported in Costa Rica
Illinois raises curtain on Act I of '82 campaign
New Woman
Zayak wins skating crown
Tilling the ground for more part-time professional jobs
Carl Sagan
W. Europe sees Brezhnev peace salvo hitting target
Sandinistas close down Nicaraguan newspaper
The saying and the seeing
Storms in Midwest force evacuation of 10,000
Bizarre basket
Salvadoran rightist leader linked to Romero slaying
Spring training: end of national hibernation
Also of note in West and East Germany. . .
Soviet drive killed 1,000 Afghans
Inside 20th-century music
Between sleep and morning
Coast Guard foils Haitian invasion attempt
Schmidt holds his own -- for how long?
Few chickens in Polish pots -- courtesy of US embargo
Reagan seeks radio chain in Central America
Beirut newspaper reports Israel in Salvador conflict
No famine threat in Timor, claims Australia's Whitlam