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Monitor Archive for March 16, 1982

Budget cuts reap protest on the farm
Unions try to save rail retirement program from Reagan's budget ax
Soviets present Tehran with both carrot and stick; Kremlin's chance in Iran may come after Khomeini
Afghan rebels strong despite losses
There's no end to Mexican oil boom -- will it reach the poor?
S. African National Party expels 10 over race issue
250 civilians arrested in Uganda antiguerrilla move
US economy waits for next move from Reagan, Congress, or Fed; Experts say current 'repression' to continue until deficit declines
Women and Money; Taking charge pays off
Unexpected delights on walking tours of New York City
US asks new Polish sanctions
Norway hopes to even the score in song contest
Brezhnev allies rally to counter round of rumors
Caribbean lands eager for 'big four' aid, but only Jamaica likely to get it
Where farmers need US help
Life in the Israeli reserve Army - duty can be fun
US and Cuba alter views, boost Mexico peace plan; Haig stresses talks to be bilateral, but doesn't ask Cuba, Soviets to negotiate
French election results; Voters fire a warning shot at Mitterrand
Reagan stumps South for 'new federalism' program
More Americans take to life down on the farm
US, Europe: patching the fabric of the Atlantic alliance; Post World War II treaty arrangements now become outdated
Japan may buy US grain to ease trade deficit
Democrats confident despite GOP's high-tech lead; Computers playing ever-larger role as a campaign tool
US economy waits for next move from Reagan, Congress, or Fed; Why Reagan is determined to stick with his economic plan
Celebrating movement and the wholeness of joy
Guatemala Indians courted. . .and oppressed. . .by both sides
Israel's case for its Golan venture
House, Senate at odds over small business research aid
Hazards at the EPA
Mauna Kea--cloudless, no city lights, and astronomers love it
EPA to free industry from hazardous-waste reports
Once-dominant Royals attempt to hold ground
Latin America; Outlook for '80s: short-term squeeze, long-term ease
Celebrating movement and the wholeness of joy
''Matisse somewhat later''
Peking reports new effort to rid party of corruption
Putting 'fizz' into lagging US oil fields; CO2 bonanza here will help keep crude flowing
Scrap the MX and get on with a SICM
The new gerrymandering

PBS's 'Annie!' - entertainment or advertising?
Oh, say, can you sing it?
Soviet defense minister meets with Indian leaders
Despite headlines, Central America's real problems are '90% economic'
Afraid of food?
Trying Mexico's way
Cloisonne: the new appeal of an ancient art
Skiing in Colorado; Knee-deep powder, aspens glistening with new snow
Domenici: Congress will mold bipartisan budget
Brazil's economy cooling gently--according to plan
How they'll campaign in '82
California moves to capture growing wild-rice market
Census director sees era of more stable marriages
A policy in question
At La Mama, striking, humane story . . . about a robot; Also, a revival of Sam Shepard's 'The Unseen Hand' flourishes Off Broadway
Bush to head offensive against drug smugglers
One broker's view--favors 'born-again blue chips'
Dance with drama