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Monitor Archive for March 1, 1982

CIA: Qaddafi wounded in December shooting
How USA funds unites banks, colleges, and students
Revving up defense industry won't be easy
Peach Month? Congressional 'commemoratives' on the rise
Revving up defense industry won't be easy; '82 deficit: $100 billion . . . and counting
Britain's prickly problem
Ghana cuts embassies to ease deficits
SE Asian raids pinch world heroin trade
Touring 13 black colleges
Williams found guilty of murdering two young men
A bright spot in Ulster economy is two-year output of US private jets
African conference ends in disarray after boycott
Jordon to try another US arms purchase plan
Will the 'conservation ethic' survive lower gas prices?
Still trying to answer the $64,000 question
Guitarist Tal Farlow took his first jazz lessons from a phonograph
Portugal trims staffs of 3 Soviet-bloc embassies
Hijackers surrender from Tanzanian plane
Soviet corruption cases suggest power shuffle
Kennedy prospects for '84
Helping children expand the possibilities for friendship
A model for all
Nkomo's party remains despite leader's expulsion
Natural gas decontrol moves to front burner
Swiss banks under fire from US and Europe
Tuitions no longer rise - they jump and leap!
Stable, bizarre, and very much himself
Why the US should not bail out Poland
Forty MXs reportedly will be placed in existing silos
Wooster Group defies convention in latest multimedia effort
The way out of loneliness
Central America: mounting turmoil tests US and Mexican strategies
Where the economy is heading
China, US seek to preserve gains despite Taiwan
Iran pledges to join Syria in struggle against Israel
Zimbabwe plows ahead on its ambitious land resettlement program
Freshmen interested in conservatism and money
Meese: Reagan would look 'seriously' at April 1 tax cut
From courtships to characters, 'rooties' record family folklore
Some rookies to watch
Kenya's mysterious case of 'impostor' policemen
Saudis want clear US Mideast policy

Listening to Alice
Debating New Federalism
Stock indexes join pork bellies in the commodity pits
Central America: mounting turmoil tests US and Mexican strategies
Mexico cuts oil price in face of glut, low demand
Civil defense plan adds to nuclear war debate
College financial aid is -- yes it is -- still available
To adapt
Crash courses on oil industry: everyman's guide to mining black gold